What The Hellary ?!?! – Take Two

What The Hellary ?!?! – Take Two

Adrienne BoettingerFriday,26 August 2016

Whenever an egregious story about Hillary Clinton breaks, some of my more conservative friends immediately ask me if I have “finally come to my senses.” Because they generally are civil and intelligent people who argue with evidence and reasoning instead of just screaming at me or forwarding nonsense, I pay more attention to their zingers. If I can’t acknowledge legitimate questions about my political leanings, then I’m really no better than the conspiracy-loving Trumpsters that make me think seriously about moving to Iceland.

With all that in mind, there are two issues that make me want a better explanation from my candidate of choice: first is the troubling allegations of undue influence by Clinton Foundation patrons during Hillary’s time as Secretary of State and second is her unwillingness to have a press conference.

In terms of the Clinton Foundation, I’ve been pretty upfront for the past 18 months or so that these allegations have bothered me more than hearing for the eleventy bazillionth time about Hillz’ email server. After a recent investigation, the Associated Press reported 85 of 154 people from private interests who met or had phone conversations with her while she was at State previously donated or pledged to donate to the Foundation. However, to get their startling numbers, AP ruled out all meetings Hillary had with reps of any government, foreign or domestic, and seemed to have been a little selective in which meetings they examined.

As Vox points out, if you read through the entire investigation you find that while you may still have a bad taste in your mouth, you have no actual proof of wrongdoing. The worst you come up with is that she may have helped a Nobel Prize winner, raised money to finance AIDS education, and did an intro for the chair of the Kennedy Center. All in all, not enough to make me not want to vote for her and certainly not enough to make me want to vote for the angry, oddly-haired cantaloupe.

Secondly, the lack of press conferences. As the Washington Post reported, it’s been at least 264 days since Hillary Clinton last had a press conference. Ideally I think candidates should aim for somewhere in between where she is and where Trump is (holding a press conference every time he thinks of the word “tits” or comes up with a new way to rebrand a position of his political arch nemesis and “the founder of ISIS”, President Obama, so that his attention span deficit followers don’t realize Trump changed his position for the umpteenth time).

Hillary, you gotta do it. We know you don’t want to. It’s icky and out of control and the reporters will build off of each uncomfortable question and come back with new ones depending on your answers and it can honestly be a squirmy hot mess of awkwardness. But you gotta do it. You are a tough cookie. If you can handle a passel of asshat Congresspersons screaming at you incoherently about Benghazi for 12 hours at a time, you got this. Even if you really had been interviewed 300 times by real journalists in the past year as your campaign has claimed, it’s not the same as when reporters launch a feeding frenzy at you. Are you going to give up on press conferences when (fingers crossed) you’re in the White House and living large? You better not. Leave the insane threats about screwing with the freedom of the press to your bigoted opponent.

And that brings me to the bottom line; while the Clinton Foundation and press conference issues don’t give me warm fuzzies, neither do they make me reconsider my support of HRC. I’m sure that disappoints any conservative readers who managed to make it this far but it’s true. I’ve never adored a candidate to the point where I had no beefs with anything she or he said. Politics don’t work like that. Hell, humanity doesn’t work like that. No one is all good or all bad. So, yes I would like her to have a press conference and yes, despite the enormous good the Clinton Foundation has done around the world, I think it’s past time for her to kick it to the curb. Does that mean I’m not going to vote for her? Hells no! And not just because the waste of space running against her represents everything that is wrong with this country. And not just because I have major issues with the main third-party candidates, Gary Johnson (wants no limits on firearms and is a little too prolific with his friendship with Maryjane) and Jill Stein (panders to anti-vaxxers and has economic ideas that are not viable).

But because I still think she’s the best person for the job.

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