I Just Watched Ghostbusters and I Now Find Men Irrelevant

I Just Watched Ghostbusters and I Now Find Men Irrelevant

Adrienne BoettingerTuesday,26 July 2016

This past weekend I went to see Ghostbusters with three other ball-busting women and afterward we were so enraged at the yoke of oppressive misogyny and sexism holding us back that we kneed every man we saw in the balls and set a bunch of dumpsters on fire. Okay, it wasn’t that dramatic. We really just laughed because the movie was funny and then went on about our merry ways, leaving the be-testicled among us to roam unharmed.

Seriously, why did people lose their damn minds over this movie? Their precious childhood memories were besmirched because women dared to put on proton packs? Puh-lease. If a reboot of a movie is enough to ruin your childhood, you’re clearly insane in the membrane. Come sit by me and we’ll figure out what your real problem is using a method favored by my dear, departed grandfather. When I would complain about something, he’d call me over and step really hard on my toe so that it would distract me from whatever I was whining about. I bet when I use a magnifying glass to find your micro-penis, and then roundhouse kick you in said micro-penis, you’ll be less perturbed about an all-female cast of your beloved Ghostbusters.

And why were people such asshats online to the cast, especially to Leslie Jones? How pathetic does your life have to be to spew racist, sexist slurs at someone? These truly must be the saddest sacks of nothing to not only say vile things to and threaten someone, but to also call on their followers to do the same.

It is a movie. It is a fun movie, with non-cookie cutter characters, a decent story and enough nods to the original without being just a hollow shell of it. Ladies got to kick some ass and didn’t even have to have a love interest or a catfight. And we got to see women being scientists, living their own lives, supporting each other and stomping all over the bad guys. What’s not to love?

Again, it is a movie. It is not an assault on your childhood or an act of political correctness. Just because some people have decided political correctness is a slippery slope to the apocalypse doesn’t mean a) that’s true or b) everything you don’t like is politically correct.

And what if it leads to all-female casts in other movies or even women being represented in greater numbers in business, politics, technology, or other fields? As a ball-busting, spinster crone, I, of course, would be dancing in the street. But even if you aren’t like me, do you seriously think this will lead to the end of civilization as we know it? Considering the current state of civilization that might not be so bad but seriously, give me a break.

If you don’t like the movie, that’s one thing. But if you refuse to see it and yet spend your waking moments screaming about how terrible it is, you’re like a not-cute version of a child who hates a vegetable before he even tries it. Try it, you might like it. Or don’t try it. Just shut the hell up.

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