Nothing To See Here, Folks

Nothing To See Here, Folks

Adrienne BoettingerMonday,18 July 2016

In case you hadn’t noticed it, the world decided to go to hell in a handbasket the exact same moment The Snap Download took a brief hiatus from illuminating all the ways the world sucks (for all the ways the world doesn’t suck, listen to the final section of our podcast, This Week in Jackassery, where we valiantly strive to give you at least one example of how not everything sucks in the world). We’re sure it was just coincidental. It’s not like England noted that our stalwart Editor-in-Chief Shane Barnhill was traversing to Iceland and decided, “Let’s throw ourselves off an isolationist cliff”. Or is that exactly what happened??? Hmmm…

Anyways, a lot of shit went down that made a lot of people feel really shitty over the past few weeks. From the Brexit, to a futile Congressional sit-in, to continued controversy with police shootings of African-Americans, to a full-on tactical assault on police in Dallas, to Trump continuing to do his Trumpiest to make us want to emigrate from the US. All in all, it’s been so craptastic as to have us at a loss for words so the fact that we literally couldn’t publish anything was more ironic than 10,000 spoons for Alanis Morissette when all she wanted was a goddam knife.

So where are we at now? Numb seems to be the word of the day. For those of us who Shane carelessly didn’t pack in his suitcase so we were forced to stay here and watch the world whimper, numbness was the best we could hope for. Because how can you keep on feeling all the feels from all the terribleness that has been going on? It’s almost more than can be borne. We’ve found ourselves veering between walking around like not-hungry zombies, eating/drinking our feelings, binge watching and/or reading terrible mind fluff, and wanting to scream and rend our garments.

Meanwhile, real shit is happening to real people that makes us feel guilty for all our #firstworldproblem angst over seeing terrible things happen near us. Like death and destruction in Syria ruining the lives of the people who haven’t managed to flee the country to be hated by refugee-fearing xenophobes. Like the never-ending death and destruction in the world’s youngest country, South Sudan. Like hundreds dying in Baghdad. Like the shocking attacks in Medina. Like the families and friends of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Brent Thompson, Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Krol, Lorne Ahrens, and Michael Smith never getting to see them walk through the door again.

Does this mean we don’t have the right to rant and rave at the terribleness around us? Of course not. But we need to have our pity party and carry the fuck on. Because we can. Because we have to. Because yes, there is so much terribleness around us that it seems impossible but we need to rise above it and fight for what matters. We need to take the time to listen to the people in our lives. We need to step outside ourselves and our own problems to realize that we’re not alone, that yes the world is hurting and things are messy and awful but we are not powerless.

We can do more than rant on Facebook/Twitter or throw our hands up in the air or drink/eat our way into blissful oblivion. We can and must speak up when we see acts of hate. We can and must be kind to one another. We can and must decide that the current state of things is not good enough. We can and must make it better. No more waiting around for someone else to pick up the mantle and fight for what’s right. We need to be our own heroes.

Take Action!

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