What The Hellary!?!

What The Hellary!?!

Adrienne BoettingerSunday,17 July 2016

The recent FBI announcement of the scale of Secretary Clinton’s disregard for regulations when it came to her official government email has me at a loss for words. From the beginning, the “scandal” didn’t bother me as much as many friends and readers thought it should. I was more troubled by the news of some less than savory foreign governmental donations to the Clinton Global Initiative and truth be told I just got sick about hearing about her emails. It felt like a fishing expedition by people determined to think the worst of her no matter what. Maybe because they hated her husband, maybe because deep down in places they didn’t want to think about, they thought her lady parts would get clogged up with hormones causing her to reach for the NUKE button in a moment of post-menopausal rage.

But even I felt a little bit squishy after Director Comey’s statement. Not squishy to the point of voting for that orange-tinted white supremacist’s dream of a misogynistic, bigoted candidate who will say whatever it takes to convince every man around him that he’s the most tremendous, winningest candidate of all time. But squishy nonetheless.

We want our presidential candidates to be perfect and yet every time we feel like we’re settling for the least of the evils. No candidate is perfect because they’re all human and last time I checked no human, save for Ryan Gosling or Ruth Bader Ginsburg, came anywhere near close to perfection.

But I’m stalling, so let’s take a look at what we now know about Hillary Clinton. Did she have a private server and use private email for official business? Yes. Did she put information that the government deemed worthy of protection at risk? Yes. It does not matter that she was far from the only senior official to do so. She still did it. It was careless to the point of arrogance. And it pisses me off to no end that it gives the asshats who hated her all along just because she wasn’t a giggly super-vixen who dumbed herself down to fit in with “real ‘Muricans” the excuse to now lord it all over her supporters and act like they knew she wasn’t trustworthy all along.

Non-members of the old white men’s club have to be perfect. They have to represent their entire gender/race/orientation/ethnicity/religion with their every action. Should they fail, it represents more than their own personal failing; it represents the failing of all of their kind. And Hillary Clinton is far from perfect. She is awkward. She can’t sell it like the expert pol her husband is. She can be off-putting. And she wants this job more than women are allowed to want power. And she was very careless with information she was trusted with. Was she alone in doing this? No. But for too many months she acted as if she had done nothing wrong and that has burned her in the end.

Does this mean I don’t support her now? No. A friend asked what it would take for me to no longer support her and I didn’t have an answer. Because I’ve admired and liked Hillary Clinton for all my adult life. And I’ve waited for a viable female presidential candidate for even longer. I think if she were to turn her back on the policies she has fought for all long, if she were to align herself with bigots or assholes for the sake of their votes or money, if she were to act in a way that made me think she should tear up her woman’s card, then I’d go to the polls in November and vote for every other position but President.

So while the email controversy has me shaking my head at her carelessness, it doesn’t make me doubt that Hillary will be a phenomenal president. Not just that she’ll be better than Donald Trump, which of course she would be. She’ll be better than him and the other candidates that ran. She’ll work her ass off. She’ll make me proud I voted for her, proud I’m a democrat and proud I’ll be alive to see an actual intelligent, dedicated, hard-working, experienced woman calling the shots in the Oval Office.

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