It’s A Small Sexist World After All

It’s A Small Sexist World After All

Adrienne BoettingerFriday,27 May 2016

The International Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuit convened today to reflect upon how the world still revolves around sexist asshats. On the one hand, it gives us a feeling of solidarity with our slandered and stultified sisters because we all deal with the fact that the betesticled among us truly do run this joint. On the other hand, it just fucking sucks. Seriously. Seemingly there is nowhere where our Women Cards (the Clinton campaign staff assures me mine is in the mail) get us benefits other than lower wages, slut shaming by randos on the Interwebz, and being considered less than a real woman if we aren’t married with children.

To prove It’s a Small Sexist World After All, look no farther than the newly inaugurated President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen. There may be little love lost between China and Taiwan but all the single ladies on the Mainland found they could commiserate with their sisters across the Strait when a Mainland Chinese official opined that because President Tsai “does not have the emotional burden of love, of ‘family’ or children…her political style and strategies are more emotional, personal and extreme.” Translation: single women are hysterical and will burn everything to the ground.

Let’s stay in Asia for a bit to learn of how an Indonesian ad agency chose to market itself to potential applicants. Did they talk of their diverse and creative workforce? Of the fun and exciting lives lived by their young marketers? No, they made a “joke” by encouraging more young bucks to apply because there was “an ex-stewardess on board.” Guess we should just be glad they didn’t say she’d help inaugurate them into the mile-high club? Or maybe we should be happy they have at least one woman at the agency?

In France, blatant sexism and sexual harassment is on the hit list of 17 prominent French women including former government ministers. These ladies have gone on the offensive to talk about the offensive creeps they’ve worked with who have assaulted, degraded, and belittled them for far too long. To put it in plain English, it’s not okay to sexually assault your female coworkers (or anyone else), tell your female colleague she should wear shorter skirts, or send your female coworkers disgusting texts.

Just a hop, skip and Chunnel ride away, British women are sick and tired of being told to wear high heels to work. An employment agency in London refused to send one of its workers to an office because she refused to wear stilettos to which our English sister said “Oh Hell to the Cheeri-NO!” and got a petition together with enough signatures to make the legislature take notice. It is of course a shockingly modern idea that women should be valued for more than our ability to wear fuck-me-pumps in an office full of testosteronic asshats yearning for yesteryear. Puh-lease.

Then there’s Nigeria where the government still hasn’t brought back the #BringBackOurGirls so it shouldn’t be surprising that the country is okay with a husband using violence to “correct his wife.” And in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, not only is it totally okay for a husband to beat the crap out of his wife, she is never permitted to live away from him. She has to live with him and follow him wherever he chooses to reside. You know, just like we all always dreamed of as little girls.

Finally, we’re back in the good ol’ U.S.A. where the almost certain Presidential candidate for the Grand Old Party is a misogynistic, sexist creep who thinks women are good for being on our knees, looking good in a swimsuit, and sending out his tweets. Tremendous.



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