Dear ‘Muricans: Why I Dislike The Donald

Dear ‘Muricans: Why I Dislike The Donald

Adrienne BoettingerMonday,4 April 2016

A few weeks ago, I tried to explain to people who opposed Hillary Clinton why I liked her. That fact, plus other posts I’ve written for The Snap Download, may have already clued you in to my feelings about Donald Trump but just to lay it all out, nice and clear, here is why:

Dear ‘Muricans,

I don’t like Donald Trump. Strike that. I detest Donald Trump. I can’t say I hate him because that would be too passionate of a response for someone not worth my time or energy.

I detest Donald Trump because he’s a bully. When he’s not calling someone a loser for having a different opinion, he’s calling that person a loser because he was a prisoner of war, or she suffered from physical disabilities, or he’s a journalist, or she does anything other than fawn all over The Donald. He whips his followers into frenzies of violence then feigns innocence when his followers carry out the same sorts of physically violent acts that he encouraged them to conduct in the first place.

If The Donald isn’t actually a misogynist, racist, and bigot, then he does excellent impressions of them. He has advised men to “treat women like shit”, says breastfeeding is disgusting, claims women who ask him tough questions are on their periods, reduces women’s value to their appearances, and is beyond creepy about his daughter. He has been for abortion, against it, for making it illegal, and for punishing women who have abortions — all in the same day. He introduced his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists and drug dealers. He extolls his relationship with “the blacks” even as he’s complained of their “laziness.” He says he knows “thousands of Muslims” in New Jersey celebrated the 9/11 attacks and has called for “the total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

The idea that the rest of the world associates Trump with what it means to be an American makes my skin crawl. He doesn’t just not distance himself from white supremacists, he seems to actually seek their support. Trump is one of the original Birthers. He espouses torture, mass deportations, targeting the families of our adversaries, and using nuclear weapons. He has so disgusted the leaders and peoples of other countries that they’ve talked of banning him from entering their countries and disinviting him from representing interests there.

He’s a liar. Very unfortunate Politico employees were forced to listen to everything he said in public for a week and found he lied every five minutes. He wins people over by promising simple answers to really complicated problems even when he himself doesn’t believe those answers will actually work. When questioned as to how he would actually enact any of his ideas, he offers bluster, inane responses, and anything other than a real answer to legitimate questions.

Because of Donald Trump, high school students chanted “Build a Wall!” to an opposing team from a predominantly Latino school. It shouldn’t be surprising as Trump himself acts like an ill-behaved, spoiled child — whining that everyone is unfair to him and that he isn’t starting name-calling, he’s just responding to the others who started it. I’m pretty sure some of the people cheering him probably don’t cheer their own children when their excuse for why they hit each other is “he started it.”

So, dear ‘Muricans, please take a very close look at Donald Trump and ask yourself “would I like it if my kids acted like him? Do I want him representing our country? Have I possibly fallen down and hit my head very hard and that’s why I’m enchanted by this assmonkey?” Sure, his jackassery can be entertaining at times but that makes him a good candidate for a reality show, not the most powerful office in the entire damn world.



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