If Not a Sex Scandal, Something Needs to Burn Down Cruz’s Campaign

If Not a Sex Scandal, Something Needs to Burn Down Cruz’s Campaign

Rachel CohenTuesday,29 March 2016

Nothing has made me happier in recent months than the trending of #cruzsexscandal this past weekend. Seeing smarmy-faced Cruz as just another man was, in some ways, refreshing. We knew something was coming, it came, and then kind of went.

Wait, what?

A little background on Ted’s pants party:

In early March, pundits from both sides of the spectrum began referring to #thething on Twitter, “the thing” being a bombshell story about Cruz that would bring him down. A Breitbart reporter apparently had the story, as did other Washington-area columnists. It was pretty obvious that there was information out there about Cruz’s apparently-not-that-well-hid sexual escapades (possible a video? BARF), and at the time, even made reference to Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson. Weird!

Enter the National Enquirer story. Now, it’s no secret that the Enquirer is a tabloid, but it also happens to be a tabloid that publishes the stories – that turn out to be true – that other outlets don’t want to touch for fear of “losing out” on future stories and breaking secret backroom alliances. John Edwards and Tiger Woods can tell you a thing about that. The Enquirer also has an admittedly brilliant fact-checking staff, and this time, with the inclusion of photos of real, identifiable, people, it seems more than likely that they can back up what they said.

When news broke, it was amazing. #cruzsexscandal blew up on Twitter, with pundits confirming that they knew the story, and Washington insiders implying that it wasn’t that great of a secret. As a political crisis expert myself thanks to binges of Scandal and House of Cards, I used my sleuthing to see if this was true, based on the responses of parties involved.

With Pierson named as one of the women involved, I checked out her Twitter constantly; she denied her role, but went on to say “I can only speak for myself.” This coming from an insider, who has a long history with Cruz. Weird choice of words, no?

Then, we waited a long time for Cruz to come out and say something, not to deny the piece, but to call it “garbage” and blame Trump. I imagine that during that morning all of his crisis people were in a room, talking about the ways they could go about this story. Honestly, I was sure (and may still be proven true) that Cruz would admit to one of the affairs (with one of the women throwing herself under the bus for him), in the good ol’ Republican tradition of “it was a one-time mistake and I’m sorry but God has forgiven me.”

What I didn’t expect was how the story would be handled, given the signs that pointed to, well, it likely being true. It was Twitter that first started to notice that the top-trending #cruzsexscandal hashtag all of a sudden disappeared. Granted, given the somewhat ambiguous language of the Enquirer’s article, chances are everyone in the media is scrambling to confirm before going full-out with the story, but it seems like just the kind of thing that should be focused on, in the case of Cruz.

Now, I personally don’t care even a little about what politicians do behind closed doors. But Ted Cruz is evil, and must be stopped. Why are his bedroom exploits newsworthy? Because he continues to fight against the freedoms of people who are different than him, and forces his squeaky-clean “man of God” image down our throats. Some of Cruz’s positions are:

– Abortion is bad

– Birth control is bad

– Gay marriage is bad

– Gay pride parades are bad

– There is an “assault” on traditional marriage

– Violence against women? That’s okay.

So, for a man so concerned about “traditional marriage” and “values,” the possibility of this scandal being true needs to be discussed. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and it’s time to burn down Cruz’s campaign.

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