Dear ‘Muricans: Why I Like Hillary

Dear ‘Muricans: Why I Like Hillary

Adrienne BoettingerTuesday,22 March 2016

Recently I was asked why I support Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton and want to see her become the 45th President of the United States. The tone with which I was asked indicated the questioner believed it was mainly because she is a woman. To my own ears, my response sounded defensive and disjointed — like I was looking for evidence to bolster my inclination and having a tough time.

I’ve thought about my answer in comparison to the reasons people give for liking Mr. Trump. Their answers make better sound bites — easy to remember, bold, hyperbolic and catchy. “He tells it like it is” (which to me is the most terrifying explanation). “He can’t be bought” (not sure how they believe that). “He will get America back on track and help us win” (no clue what that’s supposed to mean). Their answers are unsatisfactory to me just as I’m sure my answer was unsatisfactory to those asking me about HRC. I’ll try to do a better job now:

Dear ‘Muricans,

I like Hillary Clinton because you think she’s unlikeable. I like her because when her opponents and pundits use charmingly sexist terms to undermine her, she keeps on keepin’ on. I like her because you read everything she does as negative – if she is too passionate about something, you say she’s “overly emotional”; if she tries to handle something stoically, you say she’s “cold”; and if she tries to speak carefully to be neither too emotional nor too cold, you say she’s “too rehearsed”.

I like her because she laughs loud and long, even when you call it a cackle. Because she will work and play without wearing make-up. Because when a reporter asks her a sexist question, she throws it right back. I like her because she is not good at self-promotion. Because she doesn’t use all her breath on how she’s the best at everything and her own best advisor and wins all the time. I like her because she will admit when she’s made a mistake. Because she is strong and soft, tough and fragile, smart and silly, determined and gracious.

I like Hillary Clinton because she tries really hard and keeps on trying no matter what. She believes in people, in their goodness, and she works with all her strength to help them. Out of college she worked for the predecessor of the Children’s Defense Fund, co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families as the state’s First Lady, and consistently works to make sure people understand you can’t separate women’s rights from human rights.

And yes, I like Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman and for the love of sweet baby Jesus I want to see a damn woman President in the White House. I don’t give a rat’s ass if you think that’s a piss-poor reason for liking her. Is that the only reason I like her? No. I like her because she’s the right person for the job.

Experts say people choose candidates based more on feelings than platforms. Maybe. But with Hillary Clinton, I like it all. I like the feeling of voting for a strong, resilient, dedicated woman who has already been the first in so many areas and done it with grace, skill, and aplomb. I like her positions on the issues, what she has done to actualize those positions, and her dedication to them.

Anyways, that’s why I like her. I know if you gave her a chance you would too. For some reason many of you seem hypnotized by a fear-mongering, bigoted crapweasel which I think makes you unlikely to actually read the words I wrote. I hope you get better soon.



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