Strange Bedfellows

Strange Bedfellows

Rachel CohenMonday,21 March 2016

There are many reasons to dislike rich, white men who use their platforms to spew hate speech. I’m adding another to the list: for the first time in my life, I agree with Fox News.

Maybe that’s the really amazing thing about Trump – he has united people from all over the political spectrum into a singular focus: making sure he never becomes president.

So this week, Trump took to his favorite social network, Twitter, to once again go after Fox News talking head Megyn Kelly.

Let’s recap their 8-month history:

August, 2015: Kelly dares ask Trump some real questions, to which he responds with the now infamous, WOMEN HAVE PERIODS EW comment. Trump spends the month trying to attack her on Twitter. Even Roger Ailes is like, “dude, come on.”

September, 2015: Trump boycotts Fox News, until he doesn’t.

October, 2015: Kelly is ready to move on, Trump is not.

December, 2015: Trump loooooves “making fun” of Kelly on Twitter.

January, 2016: Trump wants to decide who can moderate debates, so he skips the Fox debate.  Apparently in the long run it actually doesn’t matter.

So here we are in March, and Trump still just can’t get enough of “crazy” Megyn Kelly. Honestly, it’s getting weird. SO MUCH SO, that even Fox News issued a statement on March 18th about his “extreme, sick obsession with her.”

And they’re not wrong.

I am not a Kelly fan. Do I think she has grown in her position and may actually be a normal person? Sometimes. She’s getting to the point where she seems comfortable asking questions of people – and I don’t care what side a reporter is on, with the current state of “journalism” as it is, that’s a start.

But, it is not like Kelly is the only journalist out there who is anti-Trump, so what gives?

It’s pretty obvious that it’s because she’s a woman – Trump doesn’t pull this with any other reporters on nearly the same scale. But she’s not just a woman – she’s Trump’s “demographic” as he sees it. She’s rich, attractive, young, smart, which in his eyes, means she is something to conquer and add to a trophy wall.

In 1997 I was in the same room as Trump for the first time. Debbie Gibson was starring as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, and 14-going-on-25-year-old Rachel was waiting in line with her father at the bar during intermission. My father and I always had a running joke of what the two of us looked like in certain situations (what can I say, I was raised on My Father, The Hero), and I honestly can’t remember if he was leering or what, but my father pulled me aside, pointed out a man standing by the bar and said, “watch out.” Guess who that guy was?

I was later in the same room as him on several occasions in Palm Beach – although frankly no one was interested in him at the time – but those few times was enough to understand the kind of guy Trump really is, and what has led to the Kelly obsession.

Trump is the guy who enters a room and doesn’t want to be a part of what’s going on, he wants to own it. He’s more than a narcissist, he’s a true example of a megalomaniac. When he can’t own someone – particularly a woman like Kelly – he must destroy them.

That is not a person who can be president.

So here we are, in a world where Roger Ailes is a voice of reason, and I am on the same side as Fox News. Strange bedfellows, indeed.




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