Like A Good Neighbor

Like A Good Neighbor

Corey WilsonThursday,17 March 2016

I’m of the firm belief that everyone should have a motto, something to live by. Or, at the very least, a catchy jingle. I’m not sure what my jingle would be, but I’m thinking it should be something along the lines of this one:

“When there’s nothing to write about, Todd Starnes is there!” ~ To the tune of State Farm.

It’s catchy, it’s utterly true, and it’s admirable. Few people are strong enough to hold firm in the face of opposition. Every week, however, Todd has written something completely stupid; every week he has given me a fall back if no one else had the courtesy to say something I could make fun of.

Thank you, Todd, and thank you for this weeks’ service.

What’s Todd up to? Blaming socialists? Playing the poor Christian victim? No, no, silly. He’s blaming President Obama!

Not only that, he’s blaming Obama for the discord at Trump rallies this month. Because if there’s one person to blame for promoting fear and hatred at a Trump rally, it sure as hell isn’t Trump.

[Trump has] come under fierce attack for suggesting that his supporters physically manhandle protesters. In February he told an audience that he wanted to punch one of the protesters in the face.” ~ from Todd’s own article.

See what I mean? Trump isn’t the violent one, and you can be sure as an apple pie on Sunday that “that’s not what brought about the weekend violence.”

For the past seven and a half years this man has been stoking division and discord. You want to talk about creating controversy? Fine. Let’s talk about Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri and Trayvon Martin.”

Which is true, as you can see from this video. Wait, that video didn’t seem divisive to you? In fact, the sentiment expressed by President Obama seemed reasonable? Of course it did, because everything Todd says is crap. He’s a charlatan. Don’t believe me?

President Obama is the one who told his followers if they bring a knife to the fight — we bring a gun — that’s what he said.

I don’t recall too many Republicans getting upset over that remark.”

Two things. A lot of people were mad, and in what world is it okay to quote someone and not (i) give any context (ii) give the reader any way to fact check? I’ll answer that second question. In a world where assholes like Todd make their living lying to their readers.

I find it hard to believe that this man can be so stupid. This is a ruse, and everyone who believes what he pukes out is the victim of a stratagem that lines Todd’s pockets.

There’s a lot of dumb in this world, and there’s a lot of bullshit in this world. And like a good neighbor, Todd’s always there.

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