Citizens Against Democracy

Citizens Against Democracy

Corey WilsonWednesday,9 March 2016

The most frightening part of achieving adulthood is the realization that adults are just children who can drive. For two decades I believed adults had control of their lives; that they knew better; that they were rational. When I moved out, however, got a full time job, and started paying attention to the news, I realized I’d been fooled. Adults are petty, mean, stupid, and most importantly: childish.

It took more years for me to even realize the impact those sins had on society. Surely, I thought, the idiots sank to the bottom while the brains kept things in order at the top. I, as you all now realize, was incredibly naïve because:

Stupid is everywhere.

It sits in your Senate; it’s in your home, and it sits between the shoulders of 56,000 people who have pledged to pick up their ball and go home if Senator Bernie Sanders isn’t named the Democratic nominee.

The movement has been called “Bernie or Bust,” and it’s an embarrassingly sad attempt at forcing the hand of millions of voters. At the head of this movement is Citizens Against Plutocracy, which is urging supports to vote for the Green Party instead of Hillary Clinton if she beats Senator Sanders for the nomination.

Their rationale?

“Bernie is the underdog, and he’s going to be vastly outspent by Secretary Clinton. 96% of the time, the candidate spending the most money wins a race. If he’s going to secure the Democratic nomination, leverage and insurance will be needed. 1,000,000+ voters pledged to write-in Senator Sanders will be a compelling argument for some Democratic primary voters. Bloomberg Politics reports, ‘in Iowa and New Hampshire, with four-fifths of likely Democratic voters in both states saying they think Clinton is destined to be the nominee.’ A write-in campaign is designed to undermine that ‘destiny.’ Call it arm twisting, call it ‘breaking eggs,’ call it compellence; we call it leverage on Democratic primary voters […]”

I call it extortion.

Listen, I’ve logged hundreds of hours in the Godfather video game for Xbox 360; I rented it so many times from Blockbuster that I practically paid for it thrice over. What I’m saying is that I know a little bit about how this whole shakedown thing goes. Something like…

“Nice country you got here. It’d be a shame if Donald Trump happened to it. Here’s the thing though. I can make sure that never happens. All you need to do is vote for Bernie Sanders. What? You don’t like Sanders? Well, then maybe I’ll just go home then. Maybe I take me and all my pals here and we go vote for someones else.

Maybe you don’t have enough supporters once we’re gone. Maybe Trump beats Clinton then maybe. Is that what you want to happen? You want Trump to be your president? But, hey. If that’s what yous want, yous do you. I was just tryin’a help is all.” (Try not to read the rest of the article in a bad Italian accent.)

It’s fucking pathetic. I’m on board with campaign reform. If it’s true that 96% of the time the candidate with the most money wins the race, then America needs to do something to fix that. I don’t know what that something is, but I do know what that something isn’t.

And what you shouldn’t be doing is stripping the freedom to vote from fellow Americans just because you disagree with their chosen candidate. You don’t get to win every time; that’s how democracy works. Acting like that spoiled, shitty kid who picks up his puck and goes home because the other kids aren’t letting him win.

It doesn’t matter if Joe’s parents can afford to buy him better skates so he’s faster than you. It doesn’t matter if his stick isn’t made from plywood. Picking up your puck and going home is a shitty way to deal with your problems.

So, Citizens Against Democracy, grow the fuck up.

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