Cal Doesn’t Get It

Cal Doesn’t Get It

Corey WilsonWednesday,17 February 2016

There’s a great disparity between generations, and Cal Thomas’ latest article is the perfect example. To Cal, hard work and persistence guarantees success. Those who have not found success have clearly not worked hard enough. Life is cut-and-dry to the elderly it seems.

The Left, Cal purports, has brainwashed the public. They’ve created a generation of envious, Bible-disregarding, moochers. We aren’t disenfranchised; we’re lazy, or cowards for not “taking reasonable risks, such as moving from a town where it is difficult to get a job.”

Even though I have. As have many of the other kids I work with.

This just goes to show how deluded Cal is. Moving isn’t a “reasonable risk,” sometimes it’s impossible. Rent is exponentially higher in larger cities because the demand is higher. For people living on minimum wage, how are they to afford their move? Some of us have parents who help, but not all of us do.

But don’t get me wrong. I don’t expect to be handed a job. We’re the generation of cynics; I wouldn’t trust anyone who just promised me one, just as I don’t trust that Nigerian prince. What I want is a chance, an opportunity to showcase the pathetic skills I’ve struggled to attain. I just want an interview.

Unfortunately, those are few and far between.

According to Cal, however, it’s not the material that roots us in place. It’s the immaterial: greed, envy, entitlement, that has kept the poor where they are.

The single-mother who works 60 hours a week? She’s envious of rich people, and so she doesn’t also… get… rich? I guess. I don’t really know how envy restricts someone from improving themselves. I know my desire for what my peers have has always driven me forward.

Honestly, though it’s clear that Cal is just doesn’t get it.

“Instead we get speeches attacking millionaires and billionaires, as if they have cornered the market on wealth, leaving none behind for anyone else.”

That’s all the proof I need. The defense rests its case.

The sad fact is that the wealth gap is at its worst in seventy years. The sad fact is that even if I were to dumb down this entire situation, people like Cal still wouldn’t get it. Though I’ll try anyway.

The job market today is full of starving people. Thousands upon thousands of starving people fighting over a couple hundred apples. The sad fact is that no matter how hard those starving people work, there aren’t going to be any more fucking apples.

You can stay in school, get married before having children, and take reasonable risks until the cows come home, but at the end of the day, until the job market returns to its former self, there’s going to be a lot of starving people working very hard for fuck all.

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