Even in Death

Even in Death

Rachel CohenMonday,15 February 2016

This weekend Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died at the age of 79, after a long, illustrious career of keeping women in their place. Needless to say I have no tears to shed, but goddamn if this doesn’t muck up the already terrible train wreck that is the presidential election.

Scalia is dead, and his final fuck you is that we now have to deal with the nonsense about appointing his successor.

If people actually cared about the way things get done in this country, this would be a non-issue. Our current president, who will hold that position for ANOTHER 11-ISH MONTHS is well within fulfilling the responsibilities of, you know, his job and selecting the next appointment. As he has already said he intends to, again, just doing his job.

However, that’s not how politics works. Politics is a one-sided affair in which the angriest or the most punchable people get to decide that what they think is right and everyone else should just shut up. At least that’s what Ted Cruz – the man whose daughters recoil from him – thinks.

Despite being wrong during the debate as to how long its been since a Supreme Court justice was nominated during an election year, Cruz now thinks it is his duty to uphold a part of the constitution he has made up, and is vowing to fight against Obama’s ability to, again, do his job. Promising to filibuster any Obama nominees, Cruz is again trying to turn the nation against itself with thinly-veiled hateful rhetoric. It is on us, the American voters, he says, to choose who should be the next Supreme Court justice by electing the next president (presumably, him?).

And what do we need to worry about, according to Cruz? A democratic appointment, who will apparently transform the Supreme Court into a body that will:

 “strip religious liberties”

“mandate unlimited abortions on demand”

and, of course,

“write the Second Amendment out of the Constitution”

These are actual words that Cruz said.

See Ted, the thing is, the way things are set up here is that the President – not the people – gets  to pick the next Supreme Court justice, who then goes through these things you may be familiar with, like vettings and confirmation hearings. Then everyone gets to hear all about the actual legal rulings this person has made, not just your made-up fear mongering. When YOU are the one subverting the United States judicial and executive processes, YOU are the one we need to worry about.

So thanks Scalia, for going out as spectacularly as your epic rambles, and for giving this shitshow a whole new focus.

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