How a Trump Presidency Would Change U.S. Politics

How a Trump Presidency Would Change U.S. Politics

Rachel CohenMonday,1 February 2016

I had a realization this week. Like preppers on the other side of the survivalist fence, I am preparing myself for the inevitability that our next president will actually be Donald Trump.

While at first it seemed like a goof, then it got kind of scary, now things have gone full-scale Idiocracy. For full disclosure, it goes without saying that I have come to the realization that I, as a heathen New Yorker, will actually be fine. If there is one city that will come out on top in a Trump presidency, it is the city with his name all over it.

The rest of you? Well. Sorry.

The reality is that a Trump presidency accomplishes two things. One, it makes the whole election process as transparently awful as it is. For a man who has been accused of assaulting his ex-wife, shady business dealings, filing for bankruptcy four times, and really terrible hair, Trump has done the amazing thing of combatting any future mud slinging by letting it all hang out. His awful is there for all of us to see! And people love it!

Why is this? Surely not all of Trump’s supporters are xenophobes, misogynists, or racists. It comes down to authenticity. The thing with Trump is that he is a brilliant actor when it comes to being “real.” Look, the guy has been around for a long time, and while his reputation as a person and businessman has never been stellar, his favorite topic has always been himself. What better marketing for a presidential candidate? For a long time he was the epitome of the gilded 1980s and 90s, then he was a “character” on a “reality” show, and who can forget his clothing lines, home décor lines, and vodka, to name a few. I truly believe people still see that guy, one who was totally un-PC and pretty racist, but nonetheless, a guy playing a bunch of different parts. In some ways politics has always been next for him, and it’s no surprise that people are lining up to watch the show.

The second thing a Trump presidency would accomplish is a much-needed overhaul of our political system. Just imagine what he would do with an obstinate congress. While I don’t think he himself would change anything (you’ll need to #feelthebern for that), he would at least call out the sham for what it is. Why not, people love him for it! It’s been no secret that change won’t come to our political system without a revolution, but the American people just aren’t into that (see Oregon militia? They don’t really care.) And I’m not sure that if it came down to it people could actually band together enough to make a change that would accomplish successful governing of a country of people with different ideas. Put Trump in charge, and you’re making that choice easier. It may seem like a good idea to his followers now, but the reality is that we as people would be forced to make a change in order to see our government run effectively.

Or, if you’re looking for change, passion, and bad hair, there’s always Bernie. Who, you know, has a much longer track record, and doesn’t use hate-speech as a rousing tactic.

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