KIMOJI: The $1 Million Per Minute Money Maker

KIMOJI: The $1 Million Per Minute Money Maker

Karen RoguskiTuesday,26 January 2016

These days it, at least, to me, seems to be harder and harder to find unbiased or unaltered information on pretty much anything. Between reviews that people have been paid to leave and post or reviews placed by those that are given compensation to data test or alternate means, the information has become biased and not as trustworthy.

I can tell you this really does occur as I have done jobs similar in nature in the course of my freelance journey. Granted this does not mean that every company does this, nor does it mean that the company even knows. More often than not they do not. For the jobs I have taken it has been on the development side of the equation; the reviews are necessary for the developers to fix the problems that arise before the consumers purchase.

That being said, I am extra careful to omit as much of the bias as possible from a review. When I am given the assignment to test an app I go into the app blindly. I go to the app store, do a search for the product name, press download and close the app store. I do not look at any specifics, reviews or online references. After I have tested the app and made my notes then I go into the information, reviews and such. I try also to make a point of looking for the issues that pop up with multiple people and re-test to see if they are addressed, been updated or if they occur on my end as well.

All that being said, this week when I received my assignment, it was to test the KIMOJI app and to have some fun. So I was like cool I get to drive my friends nuts with some emoji’s! And sadly, I must admit that the app works really well. The emoji options are unique and fun, the over 17+ requirement makes total sense, and how can you possibly go wrong with choices between a couple having sex in the shower, a booty bottom, a stripper on her pole or the head of Jesus.

Now unlike typical emoji who fit into the line of text, these are huge. At the same time, you get free sticker selections to choose from so it’s easily forgotten. The combination of the uniqueness, the stickers and so many options at first download definitely make you not regret the $1.99 app fee being imposed. However, if you trend “cheap,” this app is great in the fact that it comes with a built-in hack. Simply wait for one of your friends to text you with it, copy and paste the emoji and stickers, save them somewhere safe and ‘voila’ you now have KIMOJI for free.

This point is where I head off to read and explore various review sites, check for version updates and hit Apple feeds to get an idea how others feel about what major issues are mentioned. This is when reality TV and the lack of windows upon the rock in which I live under come to smack me hard in the face. It’s a Kim Kardashian product. Ugh. The worst part, the bulk of major issues have all been fixed. Double ugh.

I must admit I am super impressed with the team over at Whalerock Digital Media, as they have pushed out two updates since the KIMOJI launched on 12/21/15, already addressing the bulk of complaints that had been regularly reported, especially considering there was a point on Monday, 12/21/15 when there were 9,000 downloads per millisecond. During times on 12/21-12/22, it was reported that KIMOJI either crashed or almost crashed the app store, depending on the source. Apple subsequently denied the App Store experienced any problems at all, let alone any caused by a rush of Kim’s fans; however, that was never posted anywhere that I could locate until after the timeframe in question.

The only two primary complaints — not yet addressed and corrected — are very minor, in my opinion. They are (1) the emoji are too large to fit into a line of text like proper emoji, and (2) that it is not usable in more applications such as Facebook, Twitter or similar. Although, KIMOJI does work well in iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and email.

Surprisingly the app is available for family share, but as I mentioned previously there is an app restriction to users 17+, due to “Frequent/Intense Sexual Content or Nudity.” There will be new Kimoji packs in the future, but it is not clear if these will be free or for sale through in-app purchases. The fact you can send Kimoji to anyone you want, with users on the other end not needing a Kimoji app to view, again makes up the differences.

I am subtracting 1 point from the onboarding experience because of  the full access requirement the KIMOJI app makes you surrender to simply install, even though you are guaranteed that all information will remain unaffected, including any stored card data. Thus, my overall score for the KIMOJI app — and you do not understand the grief I am going to get over this once published — is an 8.6 out of 10 (after also removing 1 point for the sheer fact it is a Kardashian product):

Criteria Scores: Usability: 10/10. Design: 10/10. Utility and/or Joy: 9/10. Performance: 10/10. On-boarding Experience: 9/10. Overall score: 9.6/10 (or 8.6/10 after deducting a point because of Kim).


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