Microsoft Selfie: Removing Smart from Your Smartphone

Microsoft Selfie: Removing Smart from Your Smartphone

Karen RoguskiWednesday,20 January 2016

Rather than working on apps for its own operating system or the Windows Store, the team at Microsoft has created the newest selfie and portrait enhancement app for iOS, simply called Microsoft Selfie. Much like the simplistic name this app looks as though it has been created for a child. It offers very limited options and lacks compelling functionality; thus, Microsoft has somehow successfully taken the smart out of my smartphone.

Claiming to offer intelligent enhancements, color schemes, noise reduction and auto exposure, Microsoft Selfie is supposed to have techniques that will run automatically. The app also enhances both stored photos and those taken in selfie mode; realistically, this app is little more than a set of filters.

The filtering, in my opinion, is highly lacking in the ability to differentiate between male and female. During testing, it always made my husband look as if he was wearing makeup. Long shutter lag, five out of six times, made him appear to be cross-eyed.

It seems Microsoft also forgot to consider or add a filter for glasses and smaller amounts of hair, thus allowing enhancements to blur the frames of his glasses and remove hair, as if he needs help with hair loss. Once he saw all of these quirks, the app was quickly deleted.

The only aspect of the entire app that works amazingly well is the noise reduction; it’s automatic, and works extremely well.

Microsoft Selfie  Noise Reduction

Microsoft Selfie gets a moderate rating for usability. The app is so simple that a small child could utilize it with ease. The design is minimalistic. The app’s performance, however, was buggy during my testing, which took the fun out the selfie act. Although it’s nice to not have to register and set up an account to use Microsoft Selfie, on-boarding options are missing. In the social media age, it’s rather an odd omission, when so many other apps are available that offer so much more.

Criteria Scores: Usability: 6/10. Design: 3/10. Utility and/or Joy: 2/10. Performance: 3/10. On-boarding Experience: 2/10. Overall score: 3.2/10.

App Review - Microsoft Selfie scores 3.2 out of 10

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Image Credit: Patrik Nygren on Flickr

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