Time For Change (No, Really!)

Time For Change (No, Really!)

Rachel CohenMonday,18 January 2016

It’s no secret that this election cycle is… heated. The debates are seemingly endless, the pandering is intensifying, and it seems like now that 2016 is here, the rhetoric is escalating even more.

It would be great if all of this coverage and discussion actually meant that the American people were engaged with these issues and cared about the future of the country. It would be great if fevered Trump supporters celebrated the man for his issues, not for his hateful rhetoric. And it would be equally great if “polished politicians” like Hillary stopped siccing their children on the opposition.

The problem with the way things are headed right now? We’re losing many average Americans to the extreme, or even worse, to utter apathy.

With oversaturated election coverage, and a continuous focus on everything except the issues, we’re getting bored, mad, or frustrated. So instead we focus on escalating beef between Trump and Cruz, how Bernie is styling his hair, and just about anything besides what matters.

Come November, who among us will honestly still care?

Already interest is waning, and if apathy truly settles over the average American, we’ll be handing control over to the extremes. Plus, with so much focus on the presidential campaign, who is even interested in what happens on a local, state, or congressional level – you know, the people who actually end up with the power to control our everyday actions.

Millenials are finding it hard to care about a system that alienates them. Nobody seems to care about the primaries. And candidates like Trump and Sanders are so popular because they encapsulate most Americans’ complete dissatisfaction with our modern political system.

So why aren’t we focusing on actual mechanisms of change for our political system? Why does the continued rhetoric of “he said, he said, she said” gain support? If our candidates choose to act like teenagers and we choose to treat our election system as a popularity contest, how can anyone of us complain about a broken system, if we’re unwilling or unable to discuss actual solutions?

It is time for us as people to take a stand and make the change we want to see for the greater good; for our nation. And we need to be honest about it – you don’t really want change if you want one religion favored over another, or one sex, or one race, or you’re a single-issue voter. In that case you simply want change so that you can dictate the status quo, which only opens up space for generations of people who think that elections are about them and their values, rather than stepping back to see that politics should be about everything besides that.

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