Buzzfeed’s Internet Explorer: Laugh, Cringe, and be Amazed at all the Weirdness the Internet has to Offer

Buzzfeed’s Internet Explorer: Laugh, Cringe, and be Amazed at all the Weirdness the Internet has to Offer

Caitlin LambSaturday,16 January 2016

Just when you thought you the worst the internet had to offer were those “share or your mother dies” posts, along came Katie Notopoulos and Ryan Broderick with Buzzfeed’s Internet Explorer. The quirky pair are delivering everything you’d expect a podcast version of Buzzfeed to be, from cringe worthy tales of online fame seekers to laugh out loud polls on the questions that no one wants to be the first to answer (Would you have sex with your clone? Some 70% of listeners said no). In the nine months since the podcast aired, they’ve interviewed everyone from Matt Stopera, a.k.a. “Brother Orange,” to Tracy Clayton, co-host of the podcast “Another Round,” and looked at the worst things the internet has done to Minions, questioned whether the brother and sister from the Folger’s commercial are hooking up, and more. Each podcast has stories to remind you just how weird and wonderful the internet can be.

Buzzfeed’s Internet Explorer is definitely a riot; Notopoulos and Broderick banter like they’ve been hosting this weekly show for years, bouncing ideas and insults off of each other faster than Chandler Bing could wield a comeback. The stories they recount will have you wishing you could have their jobs, because the number of hours they must spend searching the darkest corners of the web to not only find these stories, but also to track down the smallest details, is incredible. However, most of the twenty-five to forty-five minute podcasts cover only a couple stories, and sometimes dissolve into laughter and repetition when they really could be moving on to the next topic. Luckily, not every episode drags. Take for instance “The 50 Worst Things On The Internet In 2015.” Besides their over obsessive hatred for anyone desecrating Minions (a justified hatred), this one rolls from one laugh to the next.

No complaints on sound quality here — the Buzzfeed team knows what they are doing. In addition to the quality of the podcasts themselves, there are traditional Buzzfeed articles with lots of memes and screenshots that act as mini recaps of each episode, so you can sample the subject before committing to a download. As for conciseness, see the above complaint on their sometimes slow moving, over-wandering episodes. Again, not every show goes off topic, and many will have you laughing from start to finish. How intently you’ll be listening depends on the audience. If you are already obsessed with the randomness of Buzzfeed, you’ll be hanging on their every word. But if Buzzfeed is more of a last-hour-at-work, is-it-the-weekend-yet kind of distraction for you, then you may lose interest half way through some of their shows. Check out the recaps first or download several blind for long a car/plane/train ride when mind wandering is already to be expected.

Notopoulos and Broderick are as quick to make fun of themselves and each other as they are the people in the stories they tell, and when it comes to ridiculous internet history, they certainly know their stuff. There are a lot of comedy and internet-themed podcasts out there, but the combination of Buzzfeed’s production, two quick-thinking hosts, and a dedication to bringing up the strangest possible subjects makes this podcast a standout.

Criteria Scores: Entertainment Factor: 9/10. Sound Quality: 10/10. Conciseness: 7/10. Engrossing: 8/10. “Je ne sais quoi” factor: 10/10. Overall score: 8.8/10.

Buzzfeed's Internet Explorer podcast scores 8.8 out of 10

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