Soft Kill Reissues “An Open Door,” and the Past Sounds Fresh

Soft Kill Reissues “An Open Door,” and the Past Sounds Fresh

Adriana SaboFriday,8 January 2016

When an album is reissued, this is often a sign that there is something special about the music on that album. Or at least it is a sign to us who are always searching the internet for some new and interesting music, that our attention should be directed towards that piece of art.

For example, on January 6th, Mass Media Records released a reissue of Soft Kill’s An Open DoorI must say, they made an excellent choice. An Open Door was originally published in 2011, but it sounds every bit as fresh today.

According to, Soft Kill “is the not so new anymore post punk brainchild of Tobias Grave (BLESSURE GRAVE). In fall 2010, the project started demoing their first tracks which already showed their shared devotion to goth pop and post punk acts of the early 80’s. Indeed, the band’s debut full-length, ‘An Open Door’, is haunted by the ghosts of The Cure, Killing Joke and Magazine.” And indeed, if you are looking for some amazing, laid back, but truly energetic music, you must check out An Open Door, as well as other albums by Soft Kill, like Circle of Trees from 2013, or their latest, Heresy, which was released in 2015.

Soft Kill’s music transports you back to the eighties. It has all of the elements of that period’s great bands — the somewhat dark, brooding and mysterious atmosphere; repetitive rhythm, catchy riffs, and minimalism; plus effects used to enhance the vocals. The group’s music is brilliant in technique and incredibly creative. It mimics the past perfectly, but Soft Kill adds their own special twists.

Soft Kill is a perfect post-punk band whose music is the ideal soundtrack for present-day artsy parties. It also provides inspiration for the alternative music scene. Many artists are choosing to rethink out musical past, instead of focusing on the future that, let’s be honest, does look somewhat grim. These tactics are common — send a message about the present by turning to the past that seems so lovely by comparison. Soft Kill does this through the highly artistic expression that is evident both in their music and the lyrics. By choosing to play post-punk music, the band has obviously chosen to stay on the margins of the music industry, whose imperative is to always create something new and more outrageous than the previous thing (and that ends up pretty much producing the same ideas in different packages).

By evoking the past, Soft Kill ends up sounding fresh and new. Their artistry resonates with select audiences that respond to the highly metaphorical, condensed lyrics like those from “Heresy,” a song from Soft Kill’s 2015 album of the same name:

a wish
you say it’s yours
you say it’s heresy to see it any other way
it’s not a wish
it was a curse
the kind you leave hanging on the door

Interpret it any way you like, but make sure you check out the Soft Kill (if you haven’t already). Their music is a vast pool of creative ideas and excellent energy. You can listen to An Open Door below:

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