Listen To: The Objex, ‘Super Charged Little Nova’

Listen To: The Objex, ‘Super Charged Little Nova’

Adriana SaboWednesday,30 December 2015

If you are looking for some seriously amazing punk/alternative punk with a nasty attitude, look no further. Hit play on The Objex’s Super Charged Little Nova and enjoy the sudden rushof energy, as they have A LOT of that. These four aren’t messing around. This fantastic four from the Sin City is comprised of Felony Melony (Vocals), Jim Nasty (Guitar), Ch!li (Drums) and Ivan (Bass), and their music is filled with tales of anger, violence, sex, drugs and other fun stuff you can find in Las Vegas.

They play that particularly great, aggressive and pure form of punk — it’s what punk should sound like. Formed back in 2006, the band continues to perform perfectly — by punk standards, of course — showing a high level of technical mastery and a whole lot of creativity. Also, the fact that they are influenced by Chuck Berry, TurboNegro, David Bowie, Tina Turner, Green Day, and The Plasmatics, as well as “the gitz, lunachicks, turbonegro, black flag, whiskey, blunts, porn, and All forms of filth, film and music!” speaks more about their music than a review ever could. Objex is one of those bands that focuses much of their energies on live performances, but they have also released a handful of albums in almost ten years, with each one having an inspiring name, like Attack Of The Objex, Reservation For Debauchery, Super Charged Lil Nova EP and the latest, full-length album of the same name, which was released this year.

Much of the appeal of Super Charged Little Novax is due to the album’s great lyrics. But each of the four bands members perform expertly, with special kudos going to Felony Melony and her amazing vocal abilities. She seems to be channeling all of the energy coming from the boys towards the listeners. She is the angry grrrl, the one who isn’t afraid to say what ever she wants. Each of the eight tracks is made with the same amount of energy and aggression, but I must single out two: “Grrr” and “Thanx 4 cumming,” because both seem to perfectly manifest what the band is all about.

Another important feature of The Objex’s music is the fact that they are very concise, saying everything they have to say with very few words, using the expressive means of punk to the fullest. Their beats are fast, the music filled with sound and much noise, spewing out a lot of notes and angry riffs during each second of the album.

Super Charged Little Nova is definitely worth checking out. It will awaken that punk in you that you’ve stifled in order to be able to work, pay the bills and have friends. You can listen to the entire album below:

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Image Credit: Charlie Llewellin on Flickr

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