Explicit, Distorted and Fun: ‘A Box in the Garage,’ by Explicit Distortion

Explicit, Distorted and Fun: ‘A Box in the Garage,’ by Explicit Distortion

Adriana SaboThursday,17 December 2015

Those who appreciate that straightforward, well-practiced and technically excellent heavy rock/metal music will certainly enjoy Explicit Distortion’s A Box in the Garage, which is laden with influences from Lamb of God, Guns N Roses, Pantera, AC/DC, Slayer, and Metallica. Explicit Distortion is a great band out of Pierre, South Dakota comprised of  Jamie (Lead Vocals), Dave (Guitar/Backing Vocals), Harlan (Bass/Backing Vocals) and James (Drums). And if you take a closer look at their Facebook page, you will notice that they describe their musical genre as “Original Hard Rock,” and it describes their music perfectly.

Their story is a pretty common one: “The band started when Jamie and Dave were attending a conference in San Diego. They got to talking and Jamie learned that Dave used to play in a hard rock band in LA, performing at many famous venues including Gazarri’s, The Whisky, The Roxy, Madam Wongs, and FM Station (…) and when they returned to South Dakota, they got together and formed what is now known as Explicit Distortion. In late 2013, Harlan joined the band (…) Shortly afterwards they parted ways with their drummer and welcomed James on the drums.”

A Box in the Garage is a collection of 14 great songs that mostly stick to the underlying sound of hard rock and metal. On some tracks, like “Shady Side of the Sun,” they also tend towards the heritage of grunge, mostly Alice in Chains. They also manage to avoid the show-off riffs that are typical for metal songs and have become somewhat corny with time — which is something I most definitely applaud. One word that is constantly popping up in my mind is “consistency.” Explicit Distortion have a distinctly professional attitude towards what they do — no messing around. Everything on this album is thought through and very well practiced. Also, their sound doesn’t seem to vary much throughout the album, so it can get somewhat challenging to listen to A Box in the Garage in one sitting and do it attentively. Each track is full of sound, rich in layers and textures and one can lose their focus after a while. However, I must applaud the band’s excellent interpretation of Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Bad Moon Rising,” makes for a very welcome stylistic break.

Also, the album’s lyrics meet the same high standard as the music. They are a perfect fit for A Box in the Garage, demanding that special attention be directed at their message. But, I can’t help but notice the frequent use of the f word. It loses its edge after a while, especially since most of us use it too often anyway.

All in all, Explicit Distortion’s A Box in the Garage is highly recommended to all lovers of quality music. And, since Jamie said, “We have no fuckin clue what we’re gonna be doing next year, next week, or even tomorrow. That’s what makes this shit fun,” I’m really looking forward to seeing what comes out of their brains and fingers in the future. You can listen to A Box in the Garage below:

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