Campus Carry: Safe or Scary?

Campus Carry: Safe or Scary?

Adrienne BoettingerTuesday,8 December 2015

One night in college, I mixed Boone’s Strawberry Hill with Absolut Vodka (note to impressionable readers: 4th worst idea of my life). After attempting to climb a bike rack and scale a wall, I made it back to the safety of my room, sneezed and vomited over everything. Then I stripped down to my undies, scooped Tide powder over the clumps of vom, poured pitchers of water over the vomit-Tide, and “borrowed” my neighbor’s vacuum to get rid of the evidence before my roommate returned.

Thankfully neither my neighbor nor anyone else at my university carried a weapon, concealed or un, otherwise I probably would’ve been shot that night or any number of other nights when I exercised my liver more than my brain.

The following year, the boys across the hall started a WWE-inspired “club” where they got hammered and staged wrestling matches outside on the concrete, injuring themselves multiple times. They also punched holes in the wall from their bedrooms to the kitchen to make it quicker to get beers. The idea that they could’ve been armed at any point wouldn’t have reassured me or made me feel safer from campus shooters, radicalized or not.

Because of this, and because I’m so old that the idea of a college campus makes me want to have a cup of tea and watch a holiday movie, I have no plans to visit Texas college campuses anytime soon. On a buttload of said campuses, students and faculty can now carry–even concealed carry. Thankfully a few, like Rice University, have opted out. Unfortunately, those same universities are probably out of the price range of the 66% of UT at Austin students who do not feel safe knowing their fellow classmates and teachers can concealed carry.

This trend doesn’t seem limited to Texas. Florida, Texas’ sister state in all things crazy, wants to join the armed bandwagon. And the extremely Christian president of Liberty University in Virginia wants concealed carry on his campus “to end those Muslims before they walk in.” Yup.

I also may have to avoid NFL stadiums and sporting events in Tennessee. The National Fraternal Order of Police wants the NFL to allow retired and off-duty law enforcement officers to concealed carry at games. What an amazingly awesome idea! Because there is no chance that those officers would have a few drinks and make bad decisions at all!

I’ve heard the “good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun” logic. But unless those good guys with guns are amazingly good shots AND can instantly and correctly decide where lethal danger is coming from, it just seems way more likely those good guys with guns will accidentally shoot the wrong person(s) – especially considering how little training or experience is required to get a damn gun in this country.

So the only sane and safe course of action seems to be to stay in my cozy little home with my unarmed dog and unending stream of insanely sappy holiday movies while the rest of the country arms everyone over the age of 2.

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