Congress Continues to Fight The War on Women’s Health

Congress Continues to Fight The War on Women’s Health

Rachel CohenMonday,7 December 2015

Since there is absolutely nothing happening here at home or in the world that requires lawmakers’ attentions, instead we got the news this week that the Senate approved a bill to chop up the Affordable Care Act into dead baby parts that can be fed to the people who used to work for Planned Parenthood, since they voted to defund that too.

Now obviously the House is going to say YAY! and obviously Obama is going to say NOPE! and we clearly see how each and every American person is simply a pawn in some weird political game. The point of this bill is not to have it pass; this Republican-led Congress absolutely knows the President is a smart man who maybe doesn’t want the country to fall into an enormous hole of debt and disease, and also one who likes facts because THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT WORKS COME ON.

So now, every Republican swollen head candidate will be able to point to how evil the Democratic president has been and just pretend like nothing good has happened in this country for the past eight years, particularly for a leader who inherited a recession and a war.

And the truth is? We’re all at fault.

First of all, this is what we get for focusing pretty much exclusively on the presidential election shitshow. I have to believe that at this point the hoopla was purposefully designed to distract from the congressional elections. These fools continue to play games with the American people, while sitting in their insulated bubbles and pointing fingers at all the people with lady parts or not enough money to just go ahead and get those bootstraps pulled up, right?

Second of all, just look at the language that CNN uses:

The bill would also cut off federal funding to Planned Parenthood, the women’s health group that provides abortions and has long under GOP scrutiny. Republicans’ passions to cutoff taxpayer dollars to the organization increased in recent months when videos were released that purported to show Planned Parenthood executives selling the tissue of aborted fetuses to researchers.

Besides poor proofreading, this article refers to PP as the women’s health group that provides abortions. No mention of providing health care access to women (and men!) of all ages with healthy sexuality counseling and education, resources for cancer screening, family planning services, STD help, should I go on? And WHY are we even referencing the video stuff anymore?

Yes, PP helps with accessing abortions, but unless every evangelical and bible-thumping “save the babies” cult member out there wants to pay for prenatal care and then adopt each and every baby (also please pay funeral costs for those women who die because they were unable to terminate their pregnancies) what is even the point of this debate? Is the coat hanger lobby actually behind all of this?

Frankly, the fact that someone wants to tell me what I can or can’t do with my body reminds me of something and I don’t think it is free democracy.

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