Welcome to the Retro Future: ‘Volume One’ by Telefuture

Welcome to the Retro Future: ‘Volume One’ by Telefuture

Adriana SaboThursday,3 December 2015

For those who were alive and had a developed their tastes in the 80s, the decade will most probably be remembered for the good and funny things: not only headbands, walkmans, MTV, hairstyles and outfits that really should never ever make a comeback, but also the technological boom that resulted in computers and other digital devices slowly entering our homes and becoming a part of our everyday lives. Many will also remember the music. As digital technology was released to the world, synthesizers took over most of the process of music making: music made on them, solely through electronic means, was supposed to sound so futuristic and alien, helping all of us feel so developed and techno-savvy.

Now that we are in the future — or past it, as Back to the Future is now a thing of the past and we still don’t have flying cars — that futuristic music sounds so, so very retro and so very nostalgic. This is precisely the emotion that is evoked by Telefuture‘s album titled Volume One, which is made mostly on Japanese digital synths from the era, and is made complete by blazing guitar riffs that are typical for the 80s. And it is brilliant! To quote their official website, “Decades ago, many of us had a solid vision of what the future would be, but with time it faded from our memories as we moved into the present. Telefuture serves an audio-visual celebration of the ideas and technology born in the 1980s that hopes to keep these visions alive.” The band’s main intention is not to simply make “an homage to those keeping a distant memory alive by preserving the things we thought would last forever,” but also to “push them forward into a modern world.” Telefuture is something of a combined project by Phaserland (Ross Trinkaus)Pengus (Gustav Eriksson) and Matt Kwid.

Bringing back memories of Marty McFly or Ghost Busters, Telefuture offers some top quality, highly-creative tracks that are meant not just for those who actually lived at the time, but for those of us who never got the chance to experience life as it was before the fall of the Berlin wall, the appearance of the internet, and cyber terrorism. Each of the artists made a a portion of Volume One, contributing a few songs to this amazing collection that combines synthwave, jazz fusion and modern Shibuya-kei. Each track is excellent, but I must single out “Fast Runnin’,” made by Pengus & Phaserland, whose refrain bears associations to the Ghostbuster’s theme. The rest of the material is made of amazing guitar riffs that hit the spot just right. There is also “Obsessing Much” by Pengus (feat. Matt Kwid), which is one of the most positive and happy tracks on the album.

Volume One  is certainly one of the finest past-looking albums that I’ve heard in quite a while. The knowledge of the music from the 80s that these artists possess is obviously large, and that can absolutely be heard on the album. And besides knowledge, there is that great love for the music they make, which are two things that make Volume One  an album that must be heard more than once! You can listen to Volume One below:

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