Domestic Terrorists and the War on Women

Domestic Terrorists and the War on Women

Rachel CohenMonday,30 November 2015

I’m sitting here watching coverage about last Friday’s Planned Parenthood shooting (starting to feel like a broken record here), and it’s becoming sadly clear that we won’t win this fight without some serious change.

Anyone listening to or watching coverage of this week’s edition of Good Job Gun Nuts might notice that it’s being called a “clinic shooting,” a “Colorado shooting,” and not what it really was – a physical attack on Planned Parenthood, an organization that has been under attack by politicians and religious groups this entire year. To assume that this act is not a direct result of fomenting inaccurate rage that has been building amongst uneducated and un-empathetic people living in this country may be presumptuous, but to assume that women who get abortions are baby murderers seems equally so.

The focus in the media reports the day following the attack was on the police officer who died. The focus was on how great the first responders were. The focus was on everything besides the high likelihood that this was a RELIGIOUS/POLITICAL EXTREMISM MOTIVATED MURDER BY A TERRORIST WITH A GUN.

Hmm…where have we heard that before?

Where is the use of the term “Radical Christianity?”

Where are the profile pictures being changed to PP?

Where are the GOP candidates tearing out their hair?

Oh, I guess we should just assume the location is a coincidence? Or maybe just infer the shooter’s motive from where it took place? Let’s take our time before jumping to any conclusions?

The statements coming from officials in Colorado Springs are unsurprising given the fact that the area has seen its fair share of gun violence recently: “this happens, and it will keep happening…this could have happened anywhere.” Except it could have been prevented, and it doesn’t have to happen anywhere.

When we are discussing Friday’s events, the events that occurred in this evangelical town that loves guns and hates people who sell dead babies, it is no longer enough to say “this happens.” Of course it will keep happening in a place where 911 dispatchers hang up on callers who report people walking down the street with automatic weapons.

But we should definitely not talk about gun control, right guys? How else are the people of towns like evangelical Colorado Springs going to survive these constant threats from people who steal virgin babies and process them for hair dye?

Well, I guess they could try beefing up police departments? Training police officers for military grade weapons? 9mm guns can’t take on AKs! It’s a domestic arms race, yippee!

I don’t know what to think, but I’ve been watching coverage on every station besides Fox because I’ve been through enough, thanks, and I now know that the officer who was killed was a champion ice skater, a devout evangelical, worked at the UC campus for awhile, and his friends are very sad.

I also know now that there is a history of this kind of violence in Colorado at clinics like these. The state that has some of the most relaxed gun laws and is one of the only states to recreationally legalize marijuana apparently draws the line at women’s rights, and that’s just the way it is, okay?

We’ve arrived at this point because it has become politically expected to refer to women’s bodies as abstract concepts, and there is NO discussion of what this means for the future women of America.

See there’s the thing. All this talk about women’s bodies in the abstract makes women’s bodies abstract. I can torture myself based on things I’ve done with my body because I have sullied this abstract concept of Woman’s Body that today’s sociopolitical dialogue promotes. This thing that belongs to someone else.

In the same way, some crazy White Man who feels threatened by my body(?), has no qualms attacking clinics that help women’s health. Why? These are not people; these are not patients, nor medical professionals, these are “murderers” taking away the Christian White Man’s ability to say what happens to the abstract Woman’s Body. It’s why we allow government officials to play games with funding programs like these, and it’s why we’ll continue to lose the fight against domestic terrorism and equal freedoms.

Can we break this echo chamber already?

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