For Headlines-Seekers, Hatred Tops Liberty

For Headlines-Seekers, Hatred Tops Liberty

Rachel CohenMonday,23 November 2015

This week’s hot take topic of interest is sadly, Muslims. Of course, this subject is for some bizarre reason one of the nation’s Top Political Issues and has therefore been on every potential president’s tongue in the wake of the ISIS d-bags attacks last week.

Except, has it?

So far we’ve heard from:

– Donald “Make a Database not at all like the Nazis” Trump

– Ben “All the States I Made up Agree With Me” and “Political Correctness Sucks” Carson

– Jeb “Christian Values Mean Only Liking Christians” Bush

– Marco “Close All the Mosques and Everything Else” Rubio

– Chris “Open Mouth Insert Sandwich Made of Baby Refugees” Christie

– Ted “My Dad was a Different Kind of Refugee and Religious Extremist” Cruz

– Carly “Thanks Obama” Fiorina

– John “Who? Oh, Official Judeo-Christian State Guy” Kasich

– Rand “Keep ‘em Poor” Paul

– Lindsey “Let’s just Start a War” Graham

– The House of “Yay Fascist State” Representatives (including the 50 democrats who are in no way playing a politics game)

– A Bunch of “KEEP THEM OUT, what do you mean we don’t have that kind of power?” Governors

I’m not saying we’re seeing a one-sided trend here, but I am just saying it looks heavy on the Republican side.

But, I’m sure democrats are saying some things about Muslims and Syrian refugees too, right?

Of course! So far we’ve heard from:

– Hillary “#refugeelivesmatter” Clinton

– Bernie “Keep them Coming” Sanders

– Harry “Stop this Racist Nonsense” Reid

– Martin “Moral Obligations” O’Malley

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Surely there must be some democrats who hate Muslims and want refugee baby sandwiches too, right?

Well, to be totally fair, there was also this:

– Some various Democratic “Let’s be Careful but Reasonable” Democratic congress-people

– Some Rich Guy “Search them all” Hillary Super PAC Donor

Oh. Well, then.

Frankly it’s disgusting to see such racist and xenophobic attitudes on the parts of individuals who want to lead a country made up of different types of people. A bigger question though, is why these statements are being reported on so extensively. It is easier to find articles in the last week on Republican candidates saying absolutely inane things, than it is to find what the Democratic candidates think about the refugee issue and Muslims.

I guess it’s just not that exciting to report on people who advocate taking measured steps without stepping on anyone’s civil liberties, or those who think that perhaps there is a place for some compassion in politics after all.

So here we are, having a one-sided dialogue about a topic that has no basis being debated on a national scale. Religious freedoms are one of those things we’re allowed in this country (remember?) and setting a precedent of returning things to how the Japanese were treated during World War II would be an absolute shame nearly 70 years later.

Meanwhile, France is still welcoming refugees with open arms. Perhaps it’s time we returned their statue.



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