U.S. Congress, Half of ‘Murican Governors and Citizens Surrender to ISIS Douchebags

U.S. Congress, Half of ‘Murican Governors and Citizens Surrender to ISIS Douchebags

Adrienne BoettingerFriday,20 November 2015

One week ago Paris was brutally attacked by a group of mostly European nationals connected to the self-proclaimed Islamic State (hereafter referred to as ISIS d-bags). Near one of the bodies of the dead murderers was a passport from an alleged Syrian refugee. We still don’t know if an actual refugee was involved in the attacks. We do know 129 people lost their lives that night in Paris. From thousands of miles away it was scary as hell so to actually be there had to be terrifying. That’s the point of terrorism – to use violent acts to scare people in order to achieve a political goal.

What was the French response? Of course, there wasn’t one single response, as human beings aren’t that simple. There were lots of reactions: fear, suspicion, defiance, courage, rage, love, solidarity, isolationism. But mainly, love, defiance and a ginormous “fuck you and your ethically bankrupt, cowardly piece-of-shit interpretation of Islam” to ISIS d-bags. What with all the international suspicion and fear surrounding refugees, particularly those from Syria, you’d expect the French government to kick them out, refuse to accept more, or maybe round up the usual suspects in quaint American-style internment camps. You’d be wrong. Because when French President Francois Hollande announced France would accept 30,000 more Syrian refugees, an audience of French mayors gave him a standing ovation.

And then there’s us. Over half of Americans don’t want to accept any Syrian refugees. The same amount of U.S. governors, including the pansy-ass one in my home state of Maryland, said the same. Friend to homophobes everywhere, Indiana Governor Mike Pence just turned away a Syrian family of three whose son was 1-year-old when the family fled their war-torn country. Thankfully the state of Connecticut is not as callous or cowardly and has welcomed the family.

All these governors and a lot of these ‘Muricans keep saying how compassionate they are, how their hearts break for the refugees. Apparently the dictionary has changed the meaning of “compassionate” and “heartbroken” to “full-of-shit.” Plenty are saying how it’s better to be safe than sorry and they, and their similarly misinformed Congresspersons would be happy to let in refugees (at least Christian ones) once the President swore on a stack of Bibles (or Kenyan-published Korans) that each refugee would never, ever, even think of doing something bad.

To this, I call bullshit. If you’re really concerned over the intentions and capabilities of people entering the country, refugees are the last people you should worry about. Most of who we would get would be coming from the overcrowded refugee camps in Jordan, Turkey, etc., and have to pass multiple investigations from the United Nations and the U.S. It takes them about 2 damn years to make it to the country. It is way easier to enter the country as a tourist – or even easier for our homegrown terrorists and murderers who are already ‘Murican to begin with and have ready access to crazy amounts of weapons.

Statistically, so few people die from or are injured during terrorism-related incidents that Congress’ response to the issue seems insane. You are more than 35,000 times likely to die in a car crash. In the past decade, 24 Americans were killed by terrorism while 280,024 were killed by guns.

The ISIS d-bags want us to be afraid. They want us to think twice before traveling to Paris, or going to Times Square, or getting on a plane or doing really anything. They also want us to be even more terrible to Muslims than we already were (which, let’s face it, was pretty fucking bad to begin with). They use our fear and our terribleness to recruit more people.

So by being afraid, by treating refugees — Syrian or otherwise — with anger, contempt and mistrust, you are helping the ISIS d-bags win. You’re also being major asshats. Seriously. If I were the French, I’d be thinking about taking the Statue of Liberty back. We’ve been treating immigrants like scum for far too long and now we’ve taken it to a whole new level of awfulness.

P.S. For those of you who call yourself Christians and then say we should only accept Christian refugees, you may want to go back to Sunday School because I’m pretty sure that was not in the lesson plan. You’ve also got it wrong if your argument against us helping refugees is that the other Arab nations need to do more. I missed that part in religion class where God said it was totally okay to refuse to help those in need until everyone else around had done their part to help.

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