The Rise and Fall of Trump/Carson

The Rise and Fall of Trump/Carson

Adrienne BoettingerTuesday,17 November 2015

Here at TSD we’ve tried to figure out why many believe Donald Trump and Ben Carson are qualified to be leader of the free world. We won’t go so far as The Donald in wondering “how stupid are the people of Iowa and [this] country,” but we really don’t get it. Just as perplexing is determining what could actually cause the popularity of these candidates to decline.

Trump has said unbelievably terrible things about Mexicans, veterans, unauthorized immigrants, women and pretty much every group around. He thinks he knows more about conflict than flag officers and his immigration plan brings to mind roving bands of Aryan youths. Carson has lied about his involvement with a supplement company, denigrated Muslims, exaggerated details about his personal history and has an economic plan that makes the Great Depression seem like winning the lottery.

And yet, the crowds clamor for more.

We were stumped for what seemed like an eternity. How can these two men, seemingly at odds with each other, both win the hearts and minds of the same block of sentient voting human beings? And then it hit us. Well, technically we drank a bunch of whiskey, fell asleep with the TV on, and then it hit us.

1. Donald Trump is popular because people want someone to blame for why their lives aren’t perfect and he tells them who to hate. He seals the deal by following up with guarantees that he’ll make everything better by winning and being awesome. He’ll say all the horrible things people want to say but feel hindered by civility or a desire not to sound like idiotic jackasses. He craves power and will do anything to maintain it.

2. Ben Carson shares some of the same traits as Trump. He can speak the same terrible language but often holds back. Where Trump is bombastic and egomaniacal, Carson is soft-spoken and somewhat deferential. Carson appears to like the power he’s wielding but has no idea what to do with it.

3. The relationship between Trump and Carson is much like that of Voldemort and Harry Potter. Trump didn’t mean to, but he created the space for Carson to rise to prominence. The two seem oddly tied to each other — as if each wants to destroy the other but knows it will lead to his own ruin. Both appear to have cast some sort of influential spell over the hordes of people following them to the point where blind loyalty and obsession have overtaken rational thought as to the consequences of one of these stone cold lunatics running the damn country straight into the ground.

Let’s be clear, we’re not saying Carson is as wondrous as Harry Potter and we suppose Trump hasn’t created actual horcruxes in an attempt to achieve immortality and omnipotence. We just think these two crapweasels unintentionally raise each other’s popularity. And we’re not sure what will save the country from their thrall short of magic or a ginormous slap upside the head.

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