Listen To: ‘Women’s Rights’ by Childbirth

Listen To: ‘Women’s Rights’ by Childbirth

Adriana SaboTuesday,10 November 2015

So, feminists have always enjoyed their role of angry, loud women who refused to stay in “their place” and do what they are told. It’s true, there is an empowering feeling we get when someone tries to challenge our beliefs and rights, so we finally get the opportunity to tell the smart-ass who is challenging us everything we think about the society, double standards, inequality and the constant need for everyone to tell us what to do with our bodies. Which is why punk is such a sweet genre to turn to when you want to feel strong. Like the XRay Spex, for instance, with their famous “Oh Bondage! Up Yours!” or the whole movement of the Riot Grrrls.

Or, like Childbirth, with their latest release titled Women’s Rights. These three don’t leave much to interpretation. Julia Shapiro (Chastity Belt), Bree McKenna (Tacocat), and Stacy Peck (Pony Time) use the sound of punk and its loud “heritage” to scream some truths in your face. Their latest release (published on October 2) is a collection of thirteen tracks that are short, concise (the longest track lasts for 3’31”) and tell you absolutely everything you need to know (or don’t want to hear).

The opening song, “Women’s Rights,” is only 39 seconds long and is comprised out of the sound of brilliantly played, raw and aggressive punk and the sound of Childbirth members screaming their keywords for this occasion: “Childbirth” and “Human Rights.” In case you forgot. The second track, “Nasty Grrls,” exposes listeners to the band’s in-your-face attitude, and it is dedicated to all those things that are so unbecoming of a young lady.

Next, as Lindsey Hood rightfully noted in her review over at The Even Ground, “Shapiro opens ‘Tech Bro’ with a cheerful guitar riff only to begrudgingly admit, ‘I’ll let you explain feminism to me/ Tech bro, tech bro/ If I can use your HDTV,’ proving that you can be disgusted by gentrification, but intrigued with its trappings at the same time.” “More Fertile Than You”… well, the title says it all. It is a sarcastic comment on society’s preoccupation with our ovaries. “Breast Coast (Hangin’ Out)” is a brutally amazing track and, imagine, there’s that razor-sharp sarcasm again. All other tracks focus on different issues faced by today’s women and girls. Each song has a raw and brutal punk sound, accompanied by lyrics that highlight a certain social problem. Yes, they don’t show much love for men, but hey, why should they?

Women’s Rights is a fantastic album that is, on the one hand, pointing its finger at society, saying “you suck!” but on the other, lands on the large pile of socially engaged music that isn’t actually able to provoke any social change, but is instead making some kind of profit out of being critical. Because we are all cogs in the evil capitalist machinery. Regardless, you must check it out. One thing is for sure, Women’s Rights will give you the boost that’s often necessary for dealing with the everyday jerks in life. You can listen to the entire album below:

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