Reactions to Publishing on LinkedIn vs. Medium

Reactions to Publishing on LinkedIn vs. Medium

Shane BarnhillMonday,9 November 2015

Recently, I created* a cartoon after thinking about a friend’s question: “Should I publish on LinkedIn or Medium?” The cartoon was meant to not only help answer his question, but also to serve up a bit of commentary over the sad state of LinkedIn, which is flooded with both self-described and wannabe “influencers” seeking to developing their personal brands (pardon me while I go throw up for even typing that phrase) through career-related blogging.

Anyway, that post was widely read, both here on The Snap Download and on Medium, where it was cross-posted and benefited from Medium’s recommendation algorithm. I received a lot of comments about the post, through email, messaging apps and even IRL. All the comments broke down into 3 formats, which I’ve captured, appropriately enough, in another cartoon:


Many (I’d argue most) people in technology-related jobs already know about Medium, the publishing platform that was founded by Evan Williams, the co-founder of Twitter. I had even assumed Medium was nearly as much of a household name as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by now. But after speaking with friends and doing a bit of research, it’s clear to me that I was wrong. Many (again, I’d argue most) non-techies, aka “The Normals,” still aren’t familiar with Medium.

But that’s okay. “What is Medium?” has become a recurring question. Williams has sought to clarify the site’s purpose in the past, and he still provides informative updates as the platform fights through an identity crisis as it continues to grow. Regardless, it’s a great publishing platform, and I’m going through the process of linking up The Snap Download to Medium through the latter’s API, in order to cross-publish our posts here to Medium.

Why publish to Medium? For the The Snap Download, it’s part what’s known as an Everywhere Strategy, a notion popularized by Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti. The thinking is that publishers shouldn’t really care where their content is consumed — their owned site, Snapchat, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, YouTube, etc. — as long it’s reaching the right audiences and can be monetized. I think that’s a smart approach, both for publishers and individuals.

Except for LinkedIn. Don’t publish there. You’ll just look like a douchebag.

*Yes, of course I had some help with the final product. I sketched out a stick figure-level draft with copy, and worked with a professional cartoonist to get the final product done. The whole process took less than 24 hours.

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