America, Can We Handle The Truth?

America, Can We Handle The Truth?

Rachel CohenMonday,9 November 2015

With each new day it seems like truth is constantly being discarded in favor of spectacle.

This is a problem.

It is no secret that there is no “impartial media” these days – most viewers get to choose between “news” networks that will feed them everything that they want to hear. Not trying to pick sides here because everyone is to blame, but networks like Fox have made truth an unimportant side item that is nowhere near as effective of a technique as yelling! About! Scary! Things! America!

The problem is, we’re seeing more and more that American voters are making decisions based on how they feel about absolutely made up things.

Ben Carson, the current Republican frontrunner, has no idea what truth is. His recent bold faced claims that he has no ties to supplement company Mannatech, with whom he actually has a number of extremely well-documented ties, is just a perfect example of how the truth is no longer something of fact, but rather what he wants it to be.

Side note: do campaign staffers not have access to the Internet? Millennial voters LOVE looking stuff up, come on now.

A recent story questioning the legitimacy of some of Carson’s claims, specifically about how he overcame being a violent youth (as all black men from Detroit are, right?) has Carson on the defensive, but he can’t even do that truthfully. Whether the story is legitimate or not, Carson’s defensive strategy seems to revolve around how the media just never went after Obama or Hillary in the same way.

Oh. Really? Totally. True.

I guess in some ways politicians have always lied, so what surprise is it that today is no different. The thing is, the fact that a portion of the American public is so willing to believe these lies DESPITE CLEAR EVIDENCE SUGGESTING OTHERWISE has set some terrible precedents and will have long-lasting impacts.

Who can forget James O’Keefe’s meticulously staged performance art, in which he single-handedly managed to ruin the reputation of ACORN in one ridiculous costume? You know what didn’t make the news nearly as much? The fact that the whole thing was shown to be a total scam and the ACORN employee featured contacted the authorities immediately after O’Keefe left his office.

We most recently saw this with Planned Parenthood, with a ridiculously unbelievable claim that PP chopped up and sold dead babies to be fed to your cat or something (good for shiny fur).

I never thought this “scandal” had legs when it first “broke,” but nevertheless, it managed to affect funding and forced PP to actually address these bogus claims with time and money, rather than, you know, doing good work to help people who need it.

So here we are, where truth just doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Luckily for me, I’ve just been elected president of the world since my dad is Bill Gates so I don’t really care.

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