Should The NFL Be Played In The Roman Colosseum?

Should The NFL Be Played In The Roman Colosseum?

Matt HealeyMonday,2 November 2015

I think in the past I have mentioned that I play a lot of fantasy football. It might have been in conjunction with the ongoing investigations into daily fantasy sports. Regardless, because I play a lot of fantasy football, I track injuries very closely. Based on everything that has happened so far this season, I have no idea why any parent would allow their kid to play football.

If you have a soft stomach do not click on any of the following links. This week Le’von Bell went down with a knee injury, and Khiry Robinson went down with leg injury. Both of them were transported from the stadium to local hospitals. Also this week, Steve Smith Sr. went down with a torn Achilles, Reggie Bush tore his ACL, Larry Donell was carted off with a neck injury and did not return, and Matt Forte went out with a knee injury and did not return.  A few weeks ago, Jamal Charles went down with a torn ACL and is out for the season. Arian Foster is out for the season with a torn Achilles tendon.

And it is not limited to the NFL. Look at Nick Chubb from the University of Georgia, whose knee was destroyed a few weeks ago. That doesn’t count the number of concussions and other high profile brain injuries as a result of hits like the one DeSean Jackson took a few years ago. If you really don’t want to see the effects of hit to the head, then don’t watch this video on the fencing response. The video covers all sports, not just the NFL.

So, while I still love fantasy football and the NFL, it is getting harder to watch because of the injuries. I don’t know what can be done about it, but clearly something has to change. Granted that is not a realistic position given the sport’s television ratings. Regardless, if you were a parent, with all of the injuries, why would you choose football as a recreational activity?


After I wrote this, Ricardo Lockette went down on a punt play. He dropped limp and didn’t move when he hit the ground. He was placed in a full neck brace and carted off the field. He was able to move his arms as he was being carted off so at least he does not have a broken neck. He was transported from the stadium to a local hospital for further evaluation.

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