Is This Really a Bad Idea?

Is This Really a Bad Idea?

Matt HealeySunday,1 November 2015

Apparently the CNBC debate didn’t go well. Personally, I am so done with the debates that I would watch almost anything else. Fortunately for me, on Wednesday night, there was something much more interesting if not more painful: watching Cuerto outduel deGrom in a pitching matching. It was bad. Regardless, the RNC is apparently upset, so the evangelical christian party of god is ending its partnership with NBC. NBC will not be allowed to host a debate in February. Additionally, the candidates are meeting (in a circus tent I assume) on Sunday to discuss how they want to approach the coming debates and the campaign process.

One of the suggestions that has been made by Carnival Cruz and Huge is to have all debates moderated by only members of the evangelical christian party of god. Carnival or Huge mentioned having Hannity, Limbaugh, and Levin host the debates. Initially I scoffed at this idea, but the more I thought about it, the better and more reasonable it sounded. If the purpose of the primaries is for the evangelical christian party of god to select who they want to represent them in the general election, then maybe having the debates moderated by the most influential voices in their party is good idea. It is less relevant what someone like @adrinibot thinks about the candidates as I doubt she will be voting in the evangelical primary. Granted, this may steer independents who can vote in either primary away from the party, but it is not like there are any influential primary states like New Hampshire where this is the process. Clearly, however, this can only be the process for the primaries.

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