What Can We Do When We Are The Dumbasses?

What Can We Do When We Are The Dumbasses?

Adrienne BoettingerFriday,30 October 2015

When there’s a problem, particularly a big one, we love blaming other people. There are few things more satisfying then identifying someone to blame and then blaming the bejeezus out of that person. It’s not the most useful of actions; it doesn’t really fix whatever is wrong but crap on a spatula, does it feel good!

That’s why Trump does so well with the masses; he tells people exactly who they should blame the most for why their lives aren’t practically perfect in every way. Whether it’s Mexican rapists, China, President Obama or the nameless powers ruling Washington, Trump has a villain for every person looking for someone to blame.

And that’s why the third GOP debate went over the way it did. Rather than any of the candidates accepting blame for some of the more asinine things they’ve done, said or planned to do, they could place all the blame on the faceless mainstream media. That was way easier than placing any of the blame on the factless candidates themselves.

Don’t get us wrong, CNBC was a trainwreck. Why anyone thought it would be a good idea for them to host the debate is beyond us. Maybe it’s just because there’s so freaking many debates that every network gets a shot – if that’s the case then we cannot wait for when it’s moderated by the Real Housewives on Bravo. CNBC specializes in crazy people shouting the news or news-like fantasies so maybe it really was the perfect place for the debate.

The format didn’t help either. Allowing 10 candidates to remain on the main stage and only giving them 30-60 seconds to provide detailed answers on the economy, or whatever the hell they were supposed to be talking about, and then having the moderators talk over top of the candidates meant that only soundbites survived.

But the main problem is that this is what we choose. We are the dumbasses. We don’t demand actual answers to real questions that impact us and our families. We don’t care about facts or the truth – we want the emotional attacks and pithy lines. That’s why it doesn’t matter that Donald Trump lied about what he said about Marco Rubio, Ben Carson lied about his relationship with the supplement company, Rand Paul lied about the effectiveness of his Medicare fix, Carly Fiorina and Jeb Bush lied about female unemployment numbers, and plenty more. What matters is that they acted like they were unjustifiably attacked by unscrupulous media and the debate attendees — who may have thought they were at a taping of The Maury Povich show — lapped it up.

Granted only about 14 million people actually watched this particular travesty of a debate. The rest of the country – or “real Americans” as some Twitter users informed us – opted out. What they take away will no doubt be the popular narrative of the GOP candidates being unfairly attacked by mean mainstream media. How many more of these debates do we need to endure?

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