Check out: ‘The Last Bookstore’ by The New Baldones

Check out: ‘The Last Bookstore’ by The New Baldones

Adriana SaboMonday,26 October 2015

Ready for some funky, bouncy, blues-y and excellent-in-every-way music? Yeah, sure you are. So, here’s The Last Bookstore by The New Baldones. They are Bob Hoot (guitar/vocals), Harvey Briggs (guitar/vocals) and Doug McLeod (bass/vocals) — three guys who enjoy making some great, easy-to-listen music, influenced by rock’n’roll, as well as music of the post-punk era, new wave and art rock. On this release, the trio is joined by Matt Barnidge (drums), Jimmie Nahas (also drums), Isabel Bernauer (backup vocals), Bruce Geiger (backup vocals) and Mike Massey (keyboards).

This is their story: “Bob Hoot and Doug McLeod have sons the same age that played youth football on the same team. They started talking about music at one of the boys’ games and figured out that they had each played in bands in their younger days. After several informal jam sessions, Bob contacted a friend and former co-worker, Dave McGuire, who played drums. And thus the core of the Baldones was formed. Upon a search of bands and names … we became The New Baldones.” Ever since that time, they have been more than serious about their music, rehearsing regularly and releasing multiple albums and finding their sound. 

This is one of those albums that shows off a band’s rich musical heritage. It is a very interesting mixture of rock, ska rhythms and artsy rock influences, with echoes of The Talking Heads. Each track on the album is positive, upbeat and reveals a strong joy of living. The Last Bookstore contains 12 songs, all composed in much a similar manner: “Harlequin Romance,” “May Heart Sinks,” “A Little More Time,” “20 Years,” “Live For Today,” “Cry-Yi-Yi,” “Flames of Love,” “Can’t Go Home,” “Sweet Red Wine,” “Somebody Like You,” “Cup of Joe,” “Can’t Say Goodbye.”

The absolute favorite of mine is “Cry-Yi-Yi” — it has been a while since I’ve heard such a happy song; it will lift your spirits no matter how you’re feeling. Bouncy, happy, shiny. As The Last Bookstore progresses, the moods change: some tracks are a bit more melancholic — like “Flames of Love” or “20 Years” — and some are extremely positive, like the brilliant, ska-inspired “A Little More Time.” And, let’s not forget “May Heart Sinks,” a track that will instantly transport you back to the 1980s — even if you hadn’t been born yet during the time when headbands, tights, pink hair and track suits were considered appropriate clothing.

Anyhow, The Last Bookstore by The New Baldones is definitely an album you need to check out. It will make you forget the fact that the world is oh so f*cked up, at least for a while.

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