Seeing Red

Seeing Red

Adrienne BoettingerTuesday,20 October 2015

Buckle up, you crazy bastards, because I’m so filled with rage that to paraphrase the Donald, it’s coming out of my eyes and out of my ‘wherever.’ That’s right, it’s my lady parts that have got me all in a tizzy and as all you genius, be-penised parts of the population know, it’s when the ladies are on our periods that we’re at our most dangerous.

See, I checked my calendar and to my surprise it’s 2015 and not 1815 so I really can’t understand why half the population thinks the other half is unclean, unstable and/or unhinged for 5 days a month. There are still parts of the world where girls and young women are cast outside, apart from society so that they will not contaminate the pure in the community with their horribly unsanitary menstruating selves. I know this because despite the efforts of the 24-hour noose cycle I insist on actually ingesting real reporting from actual journalists (aka NPR) and I recently saw how in Nepal girls are still forced into primitive cage-like shelters to keep them separate from normal people when those same girls are menstruating.

At first, my privileged first world self was all in righteous majesty about how backwards the developing world was in terms of treatment of girls and women. That was until I remembered the not so long ago interaction between Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Fox “News” anchor Megyn Kelly. And then I thought back to the ridiculously tired jokes people made the first time Hillary Clinton ran for President.

That’s when I heard one of my very own relatives talking about how it wouldn’t be smart to have a woman in the White House because whenever she got her period and had access to the nuclear launch codes, then, whoo-doggies! We’d be talking World War III! At the time I rolled my eyes, shook my head and consoled myself with the idea that there was no way anyone could actually take such an idea seriously. Then I made the mistake of trying to confirm that on Ye Olde Interwebz.

In the minds of far too many, there persists an idea that women are too irrational, too hormonal, and too fragile to be entrusted with positions of seriousness where lives are literally in our hands. What will it take to disabuse the idiots among us of these unbelievably tired and ridiculous notions? When will schools teach our daughters and sons that menstruation is not a dirty word, that men aren’t better suited for positions of power, and that our biology is part of who we are and not some sin we must try our whole lives to overcome? When will we stop thinking of women as less than and needing protection from ourselves and the world around us?

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