Let Pete Rose in the HOF

Let Pete Rose in the HOF

Matt HealeyFriday,9 October 2015

I play a lot of fantasy football. I have 6 season long traditional teams, 2 season long salary cap teams through Fantasy Feud, 18 entries into the Fantasy Feud survivor contests, and I tend to play at least 5 daily 50-50 games at Draft Kings. With all of this it is clear to me that fantasy sports is gambling. Calling it a game of skill is BS. It is gambling and requires a similar amount of skill to picking winners or playing online poker, both of which are currently considered games of chance and thus illegal. The difference is BS. All of them, in my mind, are gambling, and should be legal and regulated. If this happens though, it will be determined by the most dysfunctional organization in the world – the US congress. After all they cannot even pick a leader.

But I digress. The real point of this post is to argue that it is finally time to let Pete Rose into the Hall Of Fame. Pete was permanently banned from baseball for betting on his team when he was a player and a manager. Baseball, tarnished by the 1919 Black Sox, scandal decided that allowing gambling into the game was unacceptable. Thus when it was discovered that Rose bet on his team, he was out. The problem is that MLB has now entered into an official partnership with Draft Kings. So since it is fine for MLB to profit from gambling, it should be fine to lift the punishment for Rose and let him into hall. Anything else is brutally hypocritical – even for a sports league.


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