The Gun Control Debate is Over

The Gun Control Debate is Over

Matt HealeyThursday,8 October 2015

Actually it has been over for a few years. Specifically it ended after Newtown. When the US decided that the mass killing of 2nd graders could be tolerated, the debate ended. And that is exactly what we did. We chose guns and mass shootings. So now that there has been another mass shooting, it should surprise no one that reaction of Roseburgh OR is to buy more guns.

So can we all just agree that we are OK with mass shootings and move on? Do we really have to cover them in the media? Can’t we simply accept that thousands of Americans are going to be killed in shootings every year and move on? That is what we have chosen. We chose this when our reaction to another mass shooting is to buy more guns. To loosen gun control laws so that more people can arm themselves. When we decided that it would be unreasonable to require universal background checks. So please stop with the now routine post mass shooting coverage because clearly we don’t care enough to do anything about it.


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