This Week In Jackassery, ep. 14

This Week In Jackassery, ep. 14

Shane BarnhillFriday,2 October 2015

Come for the Jackassery nominations and libations, and stay for the eventual proof that everything doesn’t suck in the world! In the 14th episode of the This Week In Jackassery podcast, my co-host Adrienne Boettinger (aka The Queen of Everything) and I cover a broad range of topics, including:

– Where presidential candidates stand on Syrian refugees
– Peeple, the new “Yelp for People” app (get ready to be subjected to ratings!)
– Kevin McCarthy, the man poised to replace John Boehner as Speaker
– Congressional “kick the can” and a possible government shutdown in December
– Presidential contenders Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee
– Pope Francis choosing to meet with Kim Davis
– And more!

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