This again?

This again?

Corey WilsonWednesday,23 September 2015

I wrote an article about Planned Parenthood (PP) previously, and got into a little spat with the writer of the article I dismantled. During our exchange, she implored me to go and watch the unedited interviews with Planned Parenthood executives that (apparently) show them admitting to harvesting and selling the organs of fetuses for profit.

I watched one such video.

There are three that I know of, and they’re all multi-hour videos. I watched the first video, in its entirety and was absolutely furious by the end.

Was I wrong? Was Planned Parenthood selling baby parts for profit? Was that why I was so utterly pissed off?

Of course not. At every instance of an executive admitting to selling organs, it was made perfectly clear that they are not making a profit, nor are they trying to. The payment received by PP from “selling” the organs was merely to recover the costs not already paid for by middle-men companies that ship the organs to labs. Costs like housing the organs in the freezer prior to pick up by said middle-men.

At 00:6:45 of this unedited interview, the executive makes it utterly clear that they’re simply trying to recoup the costs. Not convinced? Try 1:25:00 as well. You see, what the inappropriately named Center for Medical Progress has done is twofold. They posted incredibly long and boring videos that they know no one will watch, and claimed something they know the vast majority of people won’t be able to (or care to) combat in hopes of misleading the public. And two, they’ve edited those videos down for the lazy public in a dishonest way in order to make Planned Parenthood look as though they are admitting to profiting off fetal organs.

It’s just a bunch of crap. I’ll reiterate one more time for the sake of clarity. Planned Parenthood harvests organs of fetuses and gives them to laboratories so they can complete research that is of great benefit to humankind. A middle-man, transferring company, pays PP the cost of the transfer (gas, cost of the driver, etc). They do not, however, recoup the cost of anything before, like paying the technician to remove the organs, or the cost of housing the organs in the freezer prior to transfer. Those two things are why Planned Parenthood charges labs—so they don’t go out of business. They’re trying to break even.

But can you believe it? That’s just the intro, a “Last Time on The Snap Download.” Because people haven’t stopped with this shit yet—important people too. They still cling to these crappy videos in hopes of dismantling Planned Parenthood. Is it consequentialism? Probably, and I’m sick of it.

Sitting Senator John Cornyn also watched the videos. Likely at the secret viewing provided to Republican Senators when the videos were first released. He, like many of your anti-abortion friends, bought wholly into the videos. Let me remind you that we’re not talking about the stupid people like you and I who troll the comment sections of YouTube; this man has a seat in the Senate.

Senator Cornyn wants to end all funding to abortion. I can respect that. I am not pro-abortion; I don’t like the idea of aborting fetuses, but I’m not god. I don’t get to make that decision for other people. As such, I’m pro-choice.

The senator wrote this article for Fox to urge people to support the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban all abortions after the fifth month of pregnancy because at that point the fetus can feel pain. A noble cause. It’s just too bad it isn’t backed by science. One scientist who anti-abortionists and Republicans alike cling to is Dr. Kanwaljeet Anand, whose research was the basis of this bill.

Unfortunately for House Republicans, The Journal of the American Medical Association found that Dr. Ananad is a an outlier, and that most other research indicates that fetuses are likely not able to feel pain until at least the third trimester, and even then the science isn’t certain that they’re capable of “feeling” the pain.

So I urge Cornyn to find some new damn evidence. Because these Planned Parenthood videos are not evidence, nor is the work of Dr. Anand. The videos are not “disturbing;” they’re boring. They are not “repulsive;” they’re misleading.

Cornyn does get one thing right, however. They do show a dark side of humanity. A side that will do whatever it takes to ensure that they get what they want. A side that makes me listen to five minutes of “Durrrrr, I liek wine. I liek to drink before noon sometimes. HAHA! So funny and cool! What kind of wine should we get?” before actually getting to the fucking point.

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