The Swirling Colors of the ‘Tropical Scenario’

The Swirling Colors of the ‘Tropical Scenario’

Adriana SaboThursday,17 September 2015

As you come home from a long day, you, naturally, wish to relax. So, most of us turn on the TV, or the radio, or the computer or play some music. In other words, we switch on an electronic device that will keep us company but will not annoy us as our boss/colleagues/everyone we met that day did. This week, I have a warm recommendation for all those who wish to relax and let their minds wander freely through clouds of swirling colors. Tropical Scenario is the name of that recommendation and it was created by Voodoo Phaser and released this July. Not only will you enjoy this dreamy, artsy pop album, but you will feel as if the summer is still here. Now, mind you, there are certain flaws to the album — mostly in the area of production (unless it was meant to sound somewhat “uneven,” “muddy” and too lo-fi and I missed the whole point, in which case, I do apologize for my thickness) — but Tropical Scenario reveals a great deal of its maker’s creativity, which is something that you will surely enjoy.

The most prominent feature of this album is the music’s serenity. Not that it is dull and un-energetic. The serenity I’m talking about reminds me of that beautiful meditative feeling you get when you are completely in peace with your surroundings and yourself. You are not tired, sleepy, or nervous, but instead you are full of good spirits and calm. In other words, Tropical Scenario has a certain Zen to it that will envelop you in its soft and colorful embrace. Also, there is a strong psychedelic element present in the music, so that might be one of the reasons for the serenity you feel emanating from the music (might be where all the metaphors in the text come from?!).

Thus, the album introduces an interesting mix of crazy, strange, cool and psychedelic: all of my favorite types of pop music, since the music is catchy yet weird at the same time. The track titles back my feeling up; among them we find such names as “Won’t You Understand?,” “Sun / Morning,” “Dr. Korth’s Prescription” (that adds creepy to the list of this album’s attributes), “Wander, Follow,” “Evasionism,” and “Absent-Minded.” The tracks seem to reveal a deeply personal story that is shown to us in fragments, peeking out through the mist of memories and dreams (an possibly hallucinogenic drugs). Voodoo Phaser was kind enough to give us a peek into what he wanted with each track, with “Won’t You Understand?” being described as “lo-fi space-race, hypnagogic time lapse, a swirl that you like in your ice cream, not in your vision,” for example.

This album is one with immense potential that has not been fully realized, unfortunately, mostly due to technical issues. Still, I believe everyone can enjoy it in its raw form and, what is more to my point, everyone should.

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