You Are Not A Victim

You Are Not A Victim

Corey WilsonWednesday,16 September 2015

Last week, parents in Maury County, Tennessee were outraged when they found out their children were taught things. Oh! We have breaking news! Writing for Fox News, Todd Starnes has spun this into another article about Christian victimisation!

God, I’m so sick of this.

Listen, I get that this happened in Maury County, Tennessee so it’s really not that surprising that teaching children about Islam could be considered indoctrination—by their stupid parents. But as a person who grew up near Toronto, the cultural melting pot of Canada, let me speak directly to the parents:

This isn’t weird. Social Studies classes are for this purpose. Just because your children were “forced” to write the Islamic conversion prayer, doesn’t mean the teacher was trying to indoctrinate them. I’d guess that it’s a pretty significant, pretty important prayer in Islam. So it would make sense that the teacher would cover that portion of the religion.

Brandee Porterfield, a mother of one of the now Muslim students had this to say about the class: “That was crossing the line between teaching the culture and teaching them the Islamic faith.”

Well… Islam was the topic. How does one teach people Islamic culture without teaching them about Islam? Could you teach someone about Christmas without bringing up anything Christian? Christ, you’d have to call it “X-mas.”

Porterfield went on to say that she “does not have a problem with the school teaching Islam.”

Really? Because two paragraphs ago she did have a problem with it.

“They told me they would not be teaching Christianity,” she said. “Because they only taught this one faith – to me that is state-sponsored prayer in schools.”

The point of Social Studies classes is to teach kids about different cultures. Why would the teacher give a lesson on American culture when the students are a part of American culture? Now, I would assume since she’s so butt hurt about her now Muslim kid being “indoctrinated” that she’s a Christian woman. I would also assume—since she’s a good Christian—that she goes to church on Sundays.

Why then, would you waste precious class time teaching your kid about Christianity when he’s already going to Church on Sundays?

I understand she may be frightened. Islam doesn’t really get talked about unless something terrible’s happened. But coming from a person who grew up learning similar things in school, I am not a Muslim (I’m not Christian either, but that’s neither here nor there). Social Studies classes are there to expand your child’s understanding of different cultures and religions (which are two sides of the same coin).

But now I have a few words for you, Todd. I’m not going to be as sympathetic with you because I hate this article.

Fodd reported, “Dr. Harvey, the district middle school supervisor told the Columbia Daily Herald, ‘modern events have caused “fear” of Islam’ – going so far as to compare it to how Japanese people were treated after Pearl Harbor was bombed.”

Which is just plain true; you can see it everywhere.

But you don’t care, Todd. All you had to say back was, “flying jetliners into skyscrapers in the name of Allah tends to cause folks to be a bit fearful.”

Which just shows how ignorant you are. What you do at Fox is what causes people to be fearful; all this constant scaremongering–like you’re doing right now. “CHRISTIANS ARE BEING CAST ASIDE! ISLAM IS TAKING OVER!” Why wouldn’t people be scared when you lot keep writing articles like that?

Don’t believe that he’s an ignoramus?

He also said, “There were no chapters on the extremists beheading people.”

Pray tell, why in the fuck would you teach twelve-year-old’s that? Shall we teach them about that Norwegian asshole (who shall not be named) who killed a bunch of people in the name of Christianity? No. That would be inappropriate. Should we teach them about how Galileo was imprisoned for life for speaking against the word of God? What about the Spanish Inquisition? I never learned about that in class. Why don’t we show the kids some of these paintings? Let’s keep your paranoia away from the youth.

You aren’t just trying to prep the kids for Halloween, though. You’re trying to convince everyone that Christianity is being marginalized, whilst Islam is being accommodated. I have a parable for you; let me teach you.

When I was a kid, I had a best friend. We were super close, but then one year a new kid came to school. He joined our group, and slowly my best friend and I didn’t hangout as much. I felt like I was being cast aside because he was spending time with the new friend. That wasn’t the case though. All that was happening was that my best friend had to divide his time between us. Once, I had 100% of the attention, and now I only had 50%. I know it feels like you’re being marginalized, but you’re not. You’re just getting less spotlight because we have to make room for other religions and cultures. It’s called “sharing.” And remember, “sharing is caring.”

I hope we’ve got this all straightened out.

“I wonder what the Islamic term is for double-standard.”

God dammit, Todd. There isn’t one because Islam is not a language.

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