What The Hillary?!?

What The Hillary?!?

Adrienne BoettingerTuesday,8 September 2015

Do you remember back when everyone was sure the Donald’s campaign would fizzle out before summer’s end? That was around when Hillary was the presumed Democratic nominee? It seems like so long ago and yet here we are. I’ve given up waiting for the former to happen so let’s take a look at the latter. The only thing I can say is WHAT THE HILLARY??

Seriously, I know I’m probably not as mystified and pissed (new word: pisstified!) as the candidate herself but how did it come to this? In the early days of the ‘08 campaign, the pundits were saying the nomination was hers to lose and 8 years later it’s like déjà vu. This was it – it felt like the closest we’ve been to actually getting a woman in the White House and now it feels like we couldn’t be farther away. What’s more is that this isn’t a case of a “right-wing conspiracy” taking down HRC; she’s taking herself down.

It’s not just the e-mail controversy though that’s certainly not helping. Her campaign feels about as energetic as I do Sunday nights anticipating the return to my bureaucratic prison on Monday morning. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is on fire! The man is 1000 years old and he’s running circles around every potential democratic candidate (and most on the GOP side as well). He’s got ideas, he’s got passion and he’s got some sort of perennial wind machine thing going with his hair.

And then there’s HRC: allegedly making supporters sign a pledge to vote for her before they’re allowed into a campaign event in Ohio, unable to lock up support from labor, and non-apology apologizing for using her own private email and server while in the State Department, supposedly to simplify things but in reality making everything complicated as hell. You might think it was just missteps from an untried and untested campaign but she’s been ready to run for over 8 years now. How has this not been enough time to figure out what she wants to say and find a way to connect with the voters?

Apparently that’s what she has in store, according to some campaign aides. But will it work? There’s still plenty of time before the actual primaries, but has too much damage been done? Will every other country in the world have a female leader before the Land of the Free? As someone who thought the GOP base would finally have enough of Trump when he shat on prisoners of war, I know I don’t know jack when it comes to predicting what the American electorate will or won’t support. So for now, I wait to see if Clinton can reinvigorate the people who were itching for her to run, let alone make strides in attracting the people who were predisposed not to trust her from the very beginning.

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