Get Hard: I Know You Want To

Get Hard: I Know You Want To

Lauren PesinMonday,7 September 2015

“Get Hard” is one of those movies that seems like it should be hilarious, but ultimately ends up in the “wait until Redbox or Netflix” has it category. Hence, the reason I’m reviewing a movie that isn’t currently out in the theaters.

The premise of “Get Hard” had some real potential. A millionaire hedge fund manager (played by Will Ferrell) gets convicted of embezzlement so he seeks the help of a straight-laced and struggling car wash entrepreneur (played by Kevin Hart). The khaki wearing Hart never went to prison and should’ve known very little about it (other than what he learned from watching terrible Netflix prison movies and info from his thug cousin played by T.I. Harris); however, Ferrell wrongly assumes Hart’s an ex-con and offers to pay him to help prepare for his upcoming stay in San Quentin Maximum Security State Prison (cause that’s where all the “hardcore” white collar badasses go).

The set up had some comedic promise, particularly given the two comedians leading the party.

For the record, I love Will Ferrell. His sometimes crude and juvenile humor always makes me laugh. Even when other people don’t seem amused, I find myself laughing out loud to his uniquely worded cursing and at some point gratuitous naked ass scene. In addition, I really appreciate the pint size humor and timing of Kevin Hart (sorry, the dude looks like he’s 3’ tall next to Ferrell … it’s funny). The two comics together were amusing, particularly given the almost foot difference in height and their individual abilities to improvise. I hope they team up again.

I was looking forward to this movie (cue husband’s spooky voice in background saying “turn back before it’s too late”), but I knew the potential for suck-i-ness was ever present, so instead of chancing it in the theaters, I waited until “Get Hard” came to Redbox. I’m glad I did.

At some points “Get Hard” delivered. For the most part, it was funny in a mediocre way.  However, in many instances it was just dumb. Though I laughed more than I thought about shutting it off. Ferrell and Hart had a good dynamic and their relationship was believable. Other than a few awkward (but meant to be funny) stupid moments, such as the scene where Ferrell attempts to make Dick-ade, I laughed with ease.

One of the funniest moments involves Kevin Hart simultaneously playing the roles of a Hispanic prison gangbanger, a ghetto thug, and feminine male prisoner type who wants Ferrell as his bitch. Ferrell inspires laughter via creative trash-talking, trying to join a multitude of gangs, giving financial guidance to thugs, and protecting Hart with his graceful fighting skills.

On a 5 star scale ranging from sucks to awesome, I give “Get Hard” 2.5 stars which places the movie somewhere between okay/not bad (2 stars) and good (3 stars). Although I appreciate the cast and laughed on a regular basis, I can’t quite give “Get Hard” a good rating because there was just something missing.


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