How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

Matt HealeySaturday,29 August 2015

Yesterday I tried to visit a doctor. I failed because the doctor could not answer a simple question. “If my insurance rejects this claim, how much am I going to be responsible for?” To me this is a piece of information I need before consenting to services. I don’t think it is a good idea to purchase something unless you know how much you are going to have to pay. Would you go to a restaurant and order a bunch of food without knowing the price? I wouldn’t. But for some reason the medical industry thinks that it is fine to just do a bunch of procedures and then at the end decide how much you owe.

This is total bullshit. The hubris in doctors is that they can decide what you need and how much you are going to pay. There is no other industry where this is okay. But somehow, it is fine for the medical industry to operate this way. So, my conversation with the receptionist ended as follows:

Me: There is no way I can know what this visit will cost me until after I have incurred the fee?

Receptionist: Well, it will cost between $100 and $200, or more.

Me: So, a minimum of $100 and no upper bound?

Receptionist: We won’t know until after the visit.

Me: Goodbye.

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