Beware Of Cocksure’s ‘Corporate_Sting’

Beware Of Cocksure’s ‘Corporate_Sting’

Adriana SaboMonday,24 August 2015

Yes, girls and boys, Cocksure are back again with another release. Mr. Christopher J. Connelly (of Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Sons of the Silent Age) and Mr. Jason C. Novak (of Acumen Nation, Acucrack, Czar) have seemingly done nothing else but record. They issued three albums in 2014 and they are still on the roll, releasing a new provocative (of course) album titled Corporate_Sting via Metropolis records.

Cocksure has delivered another album that was meant to shock and provoke. The underlying idea behind this, as well as most of their other releases, is the aggressive, outright, in-your-face, raw male sexuality. This duo from Chicago carries this concept to the limits of absurdity, exaggerating the idea of the all powerful almighty cock that has governed most music making as well as political and economic decision making.

As they explain, “‘Corporate_Sting’ lives low on the log of the seedy underbelly of society, taking aim at the exploiters, the thieves, the dealers and the corruptors, cranking up the heavy drums and the dirty bass while raising the ghost of classic Wax Trax!-era sounds, bathed in future horrors and catastrophe.” In other words, Cocksure is making a political statement that can be understood in different ways. My choice of understating it is as follows: the connection between “the seedy underbelly of society” as well as the exploiters, thieves, dealers and corruptors and their aggressive exaggeration of male sexuality is quite obvious. If you speak of the dark aspects of a corporate society and constantly insist on your cock, you are basically saying that — put very crudely — men thinking with their little brains are what put us in the mess we are currently in, and forming the world’s corrupt, greedy societies. Or, they simply like to show off their masculinity and my feminist brain is just thinking too much.

Yet, their intention of bridging “the gap between waxtrax! era industrial and the future sounds of mass corruption” seems to be, quite clearly, speaking of their intention to talk politically. Intending to revive the legendary punk, new wave and industrial scene that once flourished in Chicago is, thus, a dashingly good idea. Corporate_Sting introduces 10 gut-punching tracks, including the remake of Severed Heads’ “Harold and Cindy Hospital.” In the outstanding tradition of industrial, all songs are dominated by the aggressive, repetitive rhythms that you feel in your stomach as much as you hear them. There are plenty of harsh noises and schizophrenic emotions flying around. There is a wish to be open and cruel with the truth as they see it. Speaking of their collaboration, Connelly said: “We’ll show these pussy-ass motherfuckers how it’s really done. We’ll tell these ageing dinosaur fuckwads where to stick their dicks.” And that is probably the most accurate description of their music anyone ever made.

Corporate_Sting by Cocksure awoke a chilling thought in my mind as I was listening: if you think of what industrial was all about back when it appeared — an aggressive, unpleasant, raw critique of the capitalist, industrial society, to put it simply — and then you think of where we are now as the (post) industrial, capitalist society, with our love of money and war and paranoia and extreme individualism, you can’t help but wish to move to a deserted island (that will hopefully not be flooded due to global warming).

You can listen to the entire album below:

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