Another Great Idea Out Of Florida

Another Great Idea Out Of Florida

Matt HealeyMonday,24 August 2015

I follow fewer than 100 people on twitter. Stephania Bell is one of them. I follow her because she provides good insight into NFL player injuries. That can be valuable when you are approaching your draft or auction. So when I heard on ESPN radio that Jordy Nelson might have a torn ACL, I immediately went to her Twitter feed looking for information. What I found was far more upsetting than a torn ACL. It was a link to this story on CNN: “Florida shooting range to serve alcohol in restaurant.”

Because what the fuck could possibly go wrong? A combination bar and shooting range. After all, I hear over and over again about all of these ‘responsible’ gun owners from the NRA. Gun owners that put a focus on safety first. And what could be safer than a bunch of drunk Floridians with guns in a place where they are allowed to shoot them?

This story comes against the backdrop of another insane series of events. Events that I happen to be supporting using the ‘WWTDD?’ rational. That is the rise of The Donald duck. One of the things that The Donald duck has tapped into is a feeling that government is broken. And he is right, it is broken. I think that everyone can see that it is broken. After all, what functioning government would provide a liquor license to a shooting range?

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