Target Is The Devil

Target Is The Devil

Adrienne BoettingerFriday,21 August 2015

A mysterious malady has overtaken former Target shoppers. After going into stores and seeing the signs designating “boys” and “girls” had been removed from the toy and bedding departments, these shoppers have experienced shortness of breath, chest pains, uncontrollable bursts of anger and of course, anal leakage. The conditions typically arise after the shoppers wander the aisles confusedly, muttering to themselves and getting lost as they dizzily careen about looking for signs to tell them what to buy. Thankfully Target stores don’t sell firearms or allow patrons to open carry, otherwise we fear the carnage would have been much worse. As it was, only a few Barbies were harmed as parents tried to use the cardboard from the boxes to fashion their own gender indication signs so they wouldn’t accidentally buy a girly present for Junior.

I mean it must be that bad, right? That has to be the reason Fox “News” and everyday ‘Muricans are collectively losing their shit over Target’s decision to take down gender specific signs in their toy and bedding sections. Here’s where, if you are among those who believe you were harmed by Target’s decision and are actually still reading this, you’ll want to go off about my liberal elitism, or desire to cave in to every group who feels discriminated against, or even that as a non-parent (aka childless crone) I have no idea how confusing shopping in a Target store is now without the signs. But hear me out.

Have you lost your damn minds?  Not wanting to dismiss your feelings, I must ask, how does this harm you? If boys and girls are meant, as many of you have argued, to be different from the moment of their birth and it is so plainly “evident” to everyone but Target and liberals, why do you need signs? If boys are meant to like weapons and girls to like dolls, why do you need signs to reinforce that? (One conservative writer allowed “some girls are into sports and some boys like to read.” I didn’t know sports were manly and reading was girly. But I digress)

As Elizabeth Sweet pointed out in the New York Times, we haven’t always separated our toys into gender specific categories. We didn’t before World War II and then, a few decades later in the 1970s, we took the separation out again. Are we so disconnected from the children in our lives now that we know too little about them to pick out a present that actually fits that child without a sign to show us the way?

Your son may only want to play with dinosaurs and your daughter may love her play kitchen and that’s great. But if it’s the other way around, that’s great too. What’s great about kids is that we adults haven’t ruined them (yet). Kids don’t naturally feel limited to liking things deemed masculine or feminine. We adults come in and reinforce that there is something wrong with Marco if he has a doll or with Jessica if she has a toy bulldozer. Personally, I think it’s cool that Target is trying to delay people’s inevitable branding of their children as one thing or another. Let each child figure out what he or she likes. And go find something else to pretend to be wounded by.

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