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Abortion. It seems like it’s the story that can’t be… aborted (wink). A few weeks ago the Center for Medical Progress (I know it sounds legit, but trust me it’s not) released their latest video in a string of “sting operations” against Planned Parenthood. Since that time, no one’s shut up about it. In fact, it’s been making its rounds so thoroughly I’m afraid people may start calling it “Abortiongate.” And I’m tired of that shit. Gamergate. Deflategate. Enough is enough; it’s not clever anymore.


Troy Newman, Mark Crutcher, and Father Frank Pavone came together to write this article for Fox News—presumably because an article with so many citations like theirs takes a lot of man power to create. I wish I had a team of researchers (ahem).

The one source in the entire article is a book that Crutcher published in 1996 called Lime 5—a book so thoroughly damning to the pro-choice community that it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. Every other “source” is simply a reference to some other anti-abortion news outlet.

Luckily, I found a website that lists a lot of the claims the book makes, but unfortunately there aren’t any hyperlinks. The best I could find through Googling these ancient sources were from pro-life websites citing Lime 5.

The entire article is the same way. It’s claim after claim after claim without a single citation (that I’m able to look at without having to put pants on, go to Oregon and look through archives of The Oregonian from 20 years ago). I’m almost willing to call bullshit and say this article was written for no other reason than to get me to buy their stupid book, but I feel like that’s a cop-out.

Without being able to address any of the factual claims, I’ll have combat the articles’ message. Which, from my point of view, is:

Behind closed doors, the world of abortions is corrupt, dangerous, and run by sexual deviants who rape women and burn aborted foetuses. Therefore, abortion should be outlawed.

While I’ll concede that there have been sick fucks who’ve done exactly what the article claims, that’s not a reason to criminalize abortions. We’ve already ascended from an era of back alley abortions (if their article gets to be emotionally charged, why can’t mine be?), why go back to it?

But back to the articles’ message.

The history Catholic priests sexually abusing children is so widely known that it’s a stereotype. If you type, “Corruption in” into Google, the first result is “Corruption in the Catholic Church.”

From simply Googling, from hearing tales of “survivors”—from not actually experiencing it first hand—it seems that behind the stained glass windows the world of Catholicism is corrupt, dangerous, and run be sexual deviants who abuse children.

If I’m to take their reasoning and apply it to my claim, then we should outlaw Catholicism because it’s a threat to children—a much more prevalent threat than abortion is to women. But that’s stupid, right? You can’t outlaw mass and board-up all the churches because a handful of assholes used their authority for evil.

What they fail to understand is that terrible assholes are everywhere; there will always be that one asshole, and you don’t stop doing things just because one guy was a dick. What we should do is create more oversight, and make it harder for that small number of terrible assholes to abuse women.

Outlawing abortion is a terrible idea and a step backward for women’s safety.

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Hat Tips:

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