One Direction: My Second Time to the Show

One Direction: My Second Time to the Show

Lauren PesinWednesday,12 August 2015

August 8th, 2015, One Direction (1D) took the stage in Baltimore, MD.  This was the second time I’ve happily and intentionally seen the boy band in concert and, therefore, was prepared for what was in store for me. A cohort of screaming teens, tweens, scantily clad under-agers and the overwhelming sense of excitement visible in the air. Also notable were the drunk moms and “trying to get drunk” dads, all party to the awesome music and performance that 1D gives.

Although I truly appreciate small intimate music venues, nothing quite compares to a sold-out stadium concert of adoring fans.  There’s something magical about so many people in one place, sharing a moment of shared passion. There was a palpable joy and waves of emotion that fueled the masses which is why this, like many other 1D shows, was a success even before the stage lights went on and the first person made their way to their seat.

In addition to the fans and crowd, the main event was rightfully the performance of Harry, Liam, Niall, and Louis.  They were, in the words of me and other fans: playful, happy, fun, inspiring, wonderful, emotional, dazzling, and life-affirming. One Direction combines cheerful, moving, and inspiring music with their boyish (twenty-something) charm, wit, and sense of humor. In addition to the well-played music, the band are great entertainers who appear genuinely thankful to every person who attends concerts, buys their music, or even likes them in any way. The boys (men) of 1D display a heartwarming appreciation that simply makes you want to dig deeper and love them more. Naturally, people do and will likely continue to love them as long as they keep on putting on live shows.

The following are some 1D quotes from the show. You must imagine first that all words are spoken in either a charming British or Irish accent, whichever one you find the most endearing.

“When life gives you lemons you kick the lemons away.”

“Got lemon on me shoe.”

“Are those cookies? Did you bake cookies? Why didn’t we bake cookies?”

“Do you need the Tupperware box back? Is this microwavable? It’s not even microwavable? If you remove the tin foil? It’s microwavable everyone. Oh Yeah.”

“Tell you what, every day is a birthday.”

“I want every single person with two fingers up. Peace in Baltimore. I love it.”

Signs are a unique and personal way to talk to the band via poster board. The following are some signs that I saw at the show.

– Harry, plz spit on us!
– Something witty
– Liam, you are my hero (from a guy dressed up as Spiderman)
– Real men go to 1D with their GF
– Niall, throw your mechanical leg at me…or else!
– Niall, Buy us a pint, we know you can afford it!

The following describes a few key Directioners (1D fans, mostly female) garbs:

First, rompers. To those older than 20, that is a garment of clothing that is a one piece tank top and shorts combo that typically shows too much breast for a teen or too much leg to have been dropped off by their dad. Next, short skirts with too tight crop tops and, of course, your 1990s variety cut-off shorts with butt cheeks hanging out were your standard wear for this show.

What I found odd is that these young and hip fashions were not only worn by teens but also seemed to be adorned by gleeful moms who attended. The moms who scowled and appeared to not be into the beauteous and amusing boy band did not sport the threads of today, likely because most of them fell into the I choose to act my age or will abide by my size categories.

The most common colors worn were of course back and white. I was lucky with my choice, probably due to the two teens that assisted my clothing selection that day.

Whatever your sense of style, tastes in music, or threshold of emotion, it’s certain that sharing a musical experience with 25,000 plus fans makes a lasting life memory.

What concerts will you never forget?

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